The Jolly Kone located at 800 Wible Road permanently closed Thursday.

Kasey Choi, the owner of the establishment along with the Jolly Kone at 924 34th St., confirmed the news to The Californian Friday.

Choi said the drive-in was shut down after the city of Bakersfield bought it through eminent domain as the city prepares to move forward with the Centennial Corridor project, a multi-million dollar project that plans to connect Highway 58 to the Westside Parkway. 

Choi, who has owned the establishment since 2000, found out about a year ago, and planned on opening up a new Jolly Kone nearby the location, but eventually decided against the idea.

The Jolly Kone on Wible Road opened in the mid '60s, and served the Bakersfield community milkshakes, burgers and more, until Thursday.

It seems customers are extremely sad to lose this location because the drive-in holds many memories for them.

"There goes another one of my teenage (memories)," said Sonny Taylor on Facebook.

Ken Clement said, "Say it ain't so! That was the main stopping place on the way home from Curran Junior High in 72-74. I stopped there a year ago for a chocolate dipped cone and a real vanilla Coke. Great memories!"

"I use to work there in 1978. I served a ton of Curran students," said Robin Beason. "My ex of 31 yrs lived on LaFrance! My cousin loves to go there!! Lol!! Gonna miss it!"

Two Jolly Kone locations remain in Bakersfield. There is the one at 924 34th St. and another at 2140 S. Chester Ave.

The Centennial Corridor, a $41.2 million bridge project, will modify the east end of the Westside Parkway and its bridges as well as add some bridges.

In January, the Bakersfield City Council approved an agreement with the California Department of Transportation to move ahead with Centennial Corridor plans to rebuild the bridge at Belle Terrace and Wible Road to accommodate a widening of Highway 99. The Belle Terrace/Wible Road intersection will be modified to accommodate the new overcrossing.

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