Jeremy Staat, a former Bakersfield High and Bakersfield College standout athlete who went on to play four seasons in the NFL, is running for Congress, his campaign representative confirmed Wednesday.

Staat will seek the 8th Congressional District seat now held by Paul Cook, a Republican from Yucca Valley who announced this week he is not seeking reelection. Staat, a former U.S. Marine who served in Iraq, was registered as No Party Preference as recently 2016 but will run as a Republican.

"He's all in!," Matt Fleming of the Staat for Congress organization wrote in an email.

The 8th district encompasses most of the eastern desert regions of the state. It stretches from Mono Lake to Twentynine Palms and consists of Inyo and Mono counties plus most of San Bernardino County. The 8th CD is one of the largest and most sparsely populated congressional districts in California; its largest city is Victorville.

Republicans hold a lead of 4 percentage points in voter registration in the district, whose current boundaries went into effect just prior to the June 2012 elections.

“President Trump is under fire on a daily basis," Staat said in a statement released by his campaign. "The President alone can’t change Washington; he needs back up. Send in the Marine, Staat. I promise to always put American citizens first, prioritize national security and protect our freedom and workers."

Staat, an assistant professor in Bakersfield College's industrial technology department, was a college football teammate of Pat Tillman at Arizona State and joined the Marines after Tillman's well-documented death by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004.

Staat now oversees the Jeremy Staat Foundation, which gives him a platform to discuss issues involving youth and the alarming number of former U.S. servicemen who commit suicide after they've ended their military careers. He says about 180,000 ex-servicemen have committed suicide since the Korean conflict.

Staat won a 2013 Beautiful Bakersfield Award for his involvement with youth and veterans through speaking engagements, event participation, public school presentations and youth camp activity.

Staat played three seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and part of a fourth season with the St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders, and was also a standout thrower in track.

Staat, a 1994 Bakersfield High School graduate, is a Bakersfield native who graduated from Bakersfield College in 1996.

Staat, who has not previously held elective office, is pursing a Doctorate in Education from Liberty University. He and his wife, Janelle, have two sons, Tristen and Gavin. He characterizes himself as a devout Christian.

Cook will retire from Congress at the end of his term and has announced a run for a seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, the Los Angeles Times reports. More than a dozen GOP members have announced plans to leave Congress after 2020, including several in Texas.

Christine Bubser, a former biotechnology marketing advertising executive, is the only Democrat to have filed for the seat, according to the Times. Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, R-Big Bear Lake, whose district overlaps about two-thirds of the 8th CD, is also expected to run.

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Harold J Staat

echozero1337 and pedohater, the fool trolls that you are; read this: In 2005, Jeremy decided that it was time for him to fulfill his commitment to his country and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and entered boot camp in December of 2005. Jeremy entered the Marine Corps 10 years older than the average recruit. Jeremy completed his 13-week Marine Corps Boot Camp at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot San Diego (MCRD). He graduated on the same Parade Ground as did his grandfather, Herman Francis Staat, in 1941. He was then stationed with 1/3 Bravo Company of Kaneohe Bay, HI, as an Infantry Machine gunner (0331). In 2007, the 1/3 Battalion was deployed, and Jeremy found himself assigned to Haditha, Iraq for a nine-month deployment.

He has been named a 3 time 'All-American' by the Football Writers Association of America and The Sporting News.

You two aren't worthy to even carry his jock strap.


Ok children Racism is wrong and racial remarks going either way is wrong. . What exactly does this person want to go to Washington to help Trump with? He’s doing just fine destroying democracy and the integrity of the Oval office . He’s got plenty of help from Putin, Moscow Mitch and head so far up his.. Hasn’t seen the sun in years McCarthy does he really need anybody else? Trump has made a mockery of our fine country to pad his wallet and roll back any little progress that has been made for women,,children , the environment and will go down in history as the most corrupt , dangerous and stupid President we have ever seen.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Did you even read the Mueller report?

I'd say that HRC and Crazy Joe have colluded more with Russians the Trump, but don't pay attention to that stuff, just play along with all the "gotcha" moments in the MSM...


Mueller said the report does not exonerate Trump. You gave stated zero facts.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Wrong as usual Copper- never said it exonerated Trump, but it did say (Part I) that there was absolutely no evidence of collusion with the Russian government...

It's also known that the DNC (associated with HRC's election campaign) paid for the dossier that was debunked by the original author as maybe being 50% accurate, if that.

Also, perhaps you haven't seen the video of Biden bragging about how he got the Ukranian PM replace a prosecutor (that just happened to be assigned a case involved Biden's son) in order to receive funds from the US?

Try again...


I wonder why “President Trump is under fire on a daily basis." Could it be that he is the most corrupt, dishonest, immoral, racist, and habitual lying president we ever had? So, now Staat wants to join his status. GREAT! that's all we need is another McCarthy collusion. "The President alone can’t change Washington; he needs back up like people like Staat who wants to always put White American extremist citizens first, prioritize national white security and protect only white supremist freedom and workers."

Birds of a feather flock together.


“Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake” ~ Napolean

Comment deleted.
Harold J Staat

I heard he has one of the highest approval rating of any Instructor at BC. Shows where your head is, and it's not seeing daylight.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

Heard the same


Hopefully this trunp clown loses.

Comment deleted.
Gene Pool Chlorinator

Racist much??

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Hopefully you'll quit posting...


Staat is a publicity hound. He had lots of football potential but I seem to recall he was in trouble for drinking and/brawling. So he washed-out. Jumped on the Tillman bandwagon for publicity— not very smart but he knew they would not put a 6’6” guy on regular patrols as too big a target, so he was basically a cheerleader in the service. Pursuing doctorate at “Liberty”? Hmm sounds like a mail-order or online sham college. Jeez. At least go to CSUB brother-man. Milking. Always milking. These ex-jocks tickle me. Lol. Anyway, he can win. Look at McCarthy. He has done zip for Bako. Votes Trump every single time. Never an original thought or independence shown. He shamed Bako and his family when he was in line to become Majority Leader of the House... but then e started talking without a script and put his foot in his mouth. The party slapped him down and his career arc disintegrated. Tried to speak his own mind and fumbled and the powers that be will never forgive his ignorance. I felt sorry for his inept performance and the reflection it had on our town, his family, and his party. Staat. NOT!


Agreed. Ask him for his ASVAB score.


In a City and County known to have the deadliest police forces in the nation. 85% of the population lacks a higher education. The majority of government officials do not look like it's residents. I wonder what racists you're referring too?

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Is it really that hard? I was referring to the post above where white people are referred to as "Crackers".

I guess you are one of the 85%...

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