Let's just say Shandra Wheeler's drive down Truxtun Avenue ended up with a wrong turn.

Wheeler, 49, was driving down the road near Truxtun Lake Monday afternoon when her Jeep Wrangler ended up in the lake. Wheeler said she didn't know what happened or how she and her car ended up in the body of water. A person at the scene said the Jeep flipped over and went into the lake.

Wheeler managed to get from her car to the shore and appeared to be unharmed.

The automobile's engine and windshield wipers were still running as the car was partially submerged.

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Was there a smart phone involved?????? Asking for a friend.

Inconvenient Truth

No, the Jeep didn't "flip over."

Roof is entirely intact and undamaged.

Any driver who is unaware of how their vehicle drove into a lake has no business driving.


Just Wow!


She could have had a seizure while she was driving. That would've had the effect of her not knowing how she ended up in the water.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Distracted driving, perhaps?


One minute you’re texting; the next you are underwater.


How could you not know what happened.?


Some Jeeps had snorkels.

Now we know how deep the lake is.

"Any landing you can crawl, walk or swim away from is a good one."

Fly Navy . . . !

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