One of Miocar's vehicles sits in a charging station.

A transportation revolution could be underway in Wasco and Arvin.

Both cities will be part of Miocar, a new service that will allow residents to quickly rent electric cars for short periods of time through a smartphone app.

The service is meant to provide options for residents of those cities who don’t have easy access to transportation, and it will also reduce the amount of polluting vehicles that are used in the Central Valley.

“Whether you are a parent who uses the only car for work, leaving the rest of the family in need of a second vehicle during the day, or if you don’t own a vehicle and need one for an out-of-town appointment, this service can help,” Abigail Solis, Senior Community Development Specialist for Self Help Enterprises, said in a news release “We are excited to provide rural community residents with another option to meet their transportation needs.”

Funded through a California Air Resource Board Grant, Miocar has already launched in several Central Valley cities and is scheduled for more launches this week.

Wasco Mayor Alex Garcia said the name of the service emerged from a focus group held by program organizers earlier this summer.

“We haven’t had car sharing or any kind of ridesharing for Wasco at all, so this will be the first of its kind,” he said. “As soon as (people) get the hang of it, I’m sure they are going to really love the idea.”

A pre-launch event has been scheduled for Wasco and Arvin this week, with Orosi, Dinuba and Visalia already hosting their own launch activities.

“It’s certainly welcome,” said Arvin Mayor Jose Gurrola. “There’s a significant population that has mobility issues in terms of having their own vehicle. There’s a lot of carpooling that goes on, either to the work or to the fields, and so this is certainly going to be a big help to the community.”

The app is currently available, and anyone wanting to use the service will need to download it to gain access to the vehicles.

The service will charge a $20 registration fee, and users will need to have a drivers license in order to use the app.

Rates of $4 per hour, $35 per weekday and $45 for days on weekends will generally be charged.

The electric vehicles will be parked at charging stations throughout the cities for use.

Miocar should be available after the launch ceremonies in each city.

Wasco’s launch ceremony will be held at 7 p.m., Thursday, at 1500 Poplar Ave.

Arvin’s launch ceremony will be held at 7 p.m., Friday, at 909 Meyer St.

Residents are invited to attend to learn more about the program and preview the vehicles as well as sign up for free driving credits.

Family activities and refreshments will be provided.

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She Dee

I can already see the future. You know, the one where these cars are left abandoned with their tires & batteries missing. I'm laughing at the thought of this one making it more than a year!

Boogerface Nutter

A cool idea. When you think of it, few people actually use the car enough in a day to worry about the battery running out of juice. Newer electric vehicles have range well above 100 miles. This might give many of us a chance to drive one for a day and get a real idea about them. Getting rid of the old gas-burner or at least saving it for those long trips or hauling the travel trailer seems a no-brainer. Electricity, like that coming from the solar cells on my roof, is inexpensive compared to fossil fuel.


Great news! Lets end the grip of big oil and their pollution of our air & water AND just as important our endless funding of wars in the middle east to protect the oil companies interest. We have an alternative to oil now, we don't need to fight wars in the middle east anymore, we don't need a president who bows down to Russia because they have lots of oil and we don't need to waste our tax dollars funding US oil and gas interest....Big oil will be bankrupt in a few years and that will be a great thing. We will be able to breath clean air and not waste this countries lives and treasury protecting a bunch of nut jobs in Saudia Arabia (where 19 of the 9/11 highjackers came from)




Arvin? Wasco? Yes we all can see how this will work out.

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