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Idle biomass plant near Delano would reopen under carbon burial proposal

Delano plant from the road 2

Rancho Cordova-based Clean Energy Systems has proposed turning the Covanta Delano LLP former biomass plant near Delano into a carbon capture and sequestration project that would also provide some electricity or hydrogen to fuel vehicles.

Kern's ambitious list of carbon burial proposals has lengthened with the addition of an early-stage, relatively inexpensive plan for reusing an idle biomass plant near Delano to combust local ag waste then burying the byproduct gas while generating small amounts of electricity or hydrogen.

A company based in Rancho Cordova that uses rocket technology to increase burn efficiency has initiated preliminary talks with Kern County government as it pursues a similar biomass plant-reuse project in Mendota under a new partnership with Microsoft and oil industry giants Chevron and Schlumberger.