The son of Marcelina Garica Perfecto cries on his mother's casket. Perfecto and her husband Santos Hilario Garcia died in a car crash on March 13 while trying to evade ICE agents. They left behind six children.

The six orphaned children of the undocumented immigrants killed while fleeing ICE agents in Delano March 13 have been dealt another blow, according to the United Farm Workers Foundation: the federal immigration enforcement agency has apprehended and deported their closest remaining family member.

Agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained the children's uncle, Celestino Hilario Garcia, at his Delano apartment Wednesday, according to UFW Foundation Executive Director Diana Tellefson Torres.

Back in March, ICE agents, thinking they were tailing the very same uncle, gave chase when Santos Hilario Garcia and his wife, his only passenger, Marcelina Garcia Profecto, sped away.

Both farmworkers were killed when Garcia lost control of his car.

The couple left behind six children whose ages range from 8 to 18.

"Still grieving the tragic deaths of their farm worker parents ... the six children of Santos Hilario Garcia and Marcelina Garcia Porfecto were dealt a new blow when ICE agents deliberately picked up their closest remaining family member, their uncle Celestino Hilario Garcia, at the Delano apartment building where both families live," Torres said in a statement. "ICE agents specifically targeted Celestino, also a farm worker, who has now been deported to Mexico, leaving behind a wife and four young children."

ICE agency issued a statement Thursday stating Celestino was in the United States illegally and that he has since been sent to Mexico. It said U.S. authorities had allowed him to voluntarily return to Mexico seven times between 2002 and 2009.

"In April 2009, an immigration judge issued him a final order of removal, and ICE removed him to Mexico twice, once in April 2009 and again in May 2009. He has three criminal convictions for driving under the influence," ICE stated.

Torres accused ICE of callousness in the deportation of their uncle.

"ICE already contributed to the deaths of the parents of these six children who are now orphans," she said in a statement. "Can ICE be more callous in visiting even greater anguish upon this family that has already suffered so much? How much crueler can Donald Trump’s immigration policies become? How many more casualties can be produced by the Trump administration's targeting of hardworking immigrant farm workers who sacrifice to feed all Americans?"

The Delano Joint Unified School District, UFW Foundation, neighbors, friends and relatives have been supportive of the six children as they work through the loss of their parents, UFW President Arturo Rodriguez told The Californian in March.

On Thursday, UFW Foundation spokeswoman Leydy Rangel said the orphaned children have continued to live together in the same apartment complex as their uncle, but in a different unit. She added that the oldest of the six is trying to gain legal custody of her younger siblings.

Rangel said the uncle, a farm worker who picked grapes along with his wife, Lucy, had become "the closest thing that they saw as a father figure."

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I support our immigration laws but ICE is now teetering on becoming a terrorist like organization. Only Nazis can defend their grotesque tactics. They are raiding comedians for making crude jokes, questioning citizenship because of language use, and chasing down undocumented workers like they are the police!

The current administration is too BLAME. Not only is ICE abusing its powers but they are now involved with splitting families apart. They are Emotionally and mentally disrupting the futures of innocent children seeking refuge! This is morally unacceptable!

We get it. We know the people who angrily support these immigration tactics are the same people who voted for a Nazi during the primaries. About 1,000 Kern county citizens voted in favor of a Nazi during the primaries. The good people of Kern will always stand up to your hate! We are united against Nazis and will sniff out any agenda you have planned! You will ALWAYS lose. Hitler lost and so will you! We will destroy your agenda with love and compassion as our foundation. The good people of Kern county love our veterans and are not going to allow you evil scum to undermine our constitutional republic. Not now, not ever! We are becoming educated and leaning towards progressive policies. Like it or not!


still not enough deport them ALL


As sad as the plight of the children involved may be, fact is that the U.S.of A is a country of laws. The current culture of "everything free and laws don't matter if you don't like them", is a total failure.

Randy Janssen

Every 20 years or so the country goes through anti immigrant hysteria. A lot of inoffensive people are deported, criminals are too hard to find. It stops when people figure out how much it cost. In the end, anlot of people are hurt, families torn apart and the country is no safer.


An illegal alien . . . is "an illegal alien" . . . is an ILLEGAL ALIEN (and no 'anchor babies' please)!

They knew the risks of their actions, to the kids and all, with no remorse . . . and still evaded (also an illegal act). This will stop soon . . . as "The Wall" is still a'builldin' . . . !

One down, two dirt napped, a few million more to go...


Kinda warms your heart to know Sessions and ICE are doin' their job. Keepin' all them rapists, gang bangers and criminals outta here. ! I feel so much better knowing our laws (at least those laws) are being enforced. Now about all the cr@p our domestic criminals get away with...

Barking Spider

This couple died as the result of their own actions, and nothing else. To suggest otherwise is an untruth. I will stop eating the food that immigrants pick if I can also stop paying for their food, medical care, education, rent, utilities, and all of the other welfare and social services that they are sucking up.


Yeah, if they were actually eligible for government services. More illegals have gone south over the border than north in the last decade, but now it's a crisis. How about you people at least have a little empathy for six kids who lost their providers, I don't care if they're from alpha centauri.


You might want to do some research before you comment and look like an idiot. It is common knowledge that individuals who are undocumented are ineligible for services such as food stamps (SNAP/ Cal Fresh) and Cash Aid (CalWORKs). Also, where are you getting rent from? Like Housing assistance? Again not eligible. And just to give you a clue - if you pull the data available for individuals who use cash aid and calfresh benefits - the largest consumers are children under the age of 18 and the largest adult group? Guess what.....They are white. As for education, an undocumented student is taking a seat in a classroom. Do you know what that does? That creates jobs for teachers. Here is an interesting fact.......the undocumented student doesn't take for granted the opportunity to obtain an education and they work harder than the student who has all the opportunities available to them.


barking Spider - I apologize for calling you an idiot. That was rude. Misinformed is a better word.

Barking Spider

You are "misinformed" MrCollegeDegree, or are intentionally distorting the facts. The benefits are based on eligibility of children and the number thereof, but most of them are darn sure receiving it. They contribute little compared to the cost of their support, not to mention that they are here illegally and have been for years.


This guy had been deported three times AND he had a DUI. Come on, people. This garbage has to stop. The law is not cruel. We let in more than a million people legally every year. If you are going to jump the line repeatedly and then endanger our citizens lives by driving drunk on our roads, you need to go back to wherever you came from. Period.


This is a sad situation all the way around. Of coarse our hearts go out to those children, however ICE is doing their job! And for the family to make irresponsible, unproductive comments like "ICE is acting callus, and Ice contributed to the deaths of their parents) These people fled from law enforcement...they caused their own deaths, NOT ICE! This is again deflecting from what happened! DON'T turn this political! Our President hasen't created a "cruel" policy...hes only enforcing what Presidents before him failed to do to keep America safe!


Killing mothers and fathers is NOT ICE's job. It's also not ICE's job to chase. If you hate immigrants so much, STOP EATING THE FOOD THEY PICK FOR YOU.


Put sign up that people are eating at an illegal persons truck! Have the illegals that break the law stay in their own country and help make changes for the citizens of their country.


ICE didn't kill anyone, they were doing their job, the illegal alien killed himself by speeding and reckless driving. When will you Liberals have individuals take responsibility for their own actions?


It is sad when the children have to suffer because of the illegal actions of their relatives.

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