What do student athletes and a moving company have in common? Leadership and career goals.

For many college athletes, it’s tough to juggle classes, work and stay involved in extra-curricular activities.

But Bakersfield native Bronson Pearce, 22, a business major at Bakersfield College, has been able to strike that balance as an employee at Meathead Movers. The company opened a Bakersfield branch in October at 2905 Unicorn Road.

The moving company was the brainchild of two brothers who needed money to get through college. They opened the company in 1997 and have since set up shop in five locations, including San Luis Obispo, Fresno, Oxnard and Santa Ana.

Aaron Steed, 39, started the company with his brother Evan Steed, 37, through their own experience trying to get through college. Aaron was a struggling wrestling student at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo. Both brothers were looking for a job that would help them pay their way through college while keeping up with their class and training schedule.

“There wasn’t a lot of jobs but we had to figure out a way to support ourselves and make money,” said Aaron Steed.

That’s when the brothers came up with the idea of helping family friends move. They knew they could make good money. The strenuous activity involved in moving big items would help with their athletic training.

When asked how the unique name came about, the older brother laughed.

“When we were in school playing sports we were in the gym and people would joke around calling us meatheads because we were really competitive athletes and working out all the time. We thought the name was kind of funny and it stuck,” he said.

Aside from helping their employees with school and work, Meathead also focuses on teaching employees leadership and career goals.

Employees learn multitasking, management, customer service and working on deadline, according to Aaron Steed.

“The skills and experience they get here are so much more than just a college job. We really try to take the time to understand what they’re trying to achieve in their life ... and explain how the skills they learned here are going to help them,” he said.

Pearce has seen first-hand how the company focuses on making sure its employees are on the right track.

“They train us on every aspect that we’re going to need in the field,” said Pearce. “They really try to push us with what we want to do with our lives.”

Pearce hopes to one day run his own business creating motorcycle graphics. Pearce says he’s been able to learn management skills and receive guidance on what it takes to run a company.

“This definitely teaches leadership skills and running a business, or running a crew,” said Pearce.

Meathead Movers also believes in giving back to the community.

The moving company helps move women impacted by domestic violence into a safer environment for free.

Customers who are looking to move can contact Meathead for more information regarding the process. 

The business started this free service after receiving multiple calls from customers who needed to move but couldn’t pay. After helping a few customers, Aaron Steed found the experience rewarding.

“It’s a good American value, and it’s good people,” he said.

With over 40 employees and counting, they hope to continue to grow as a company while helping student athletes.

‘We want to continue to serve Bakersfield and hire more student athletes,” said Aaron Steed.

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