Angel Hosband with HMC Architects explains the different proposed zones at the new southeast Bakersfield high school campus.

The Kern High School District is seeking the public's help again in naming its 19th comprehensive high school after the Board of Trustees decided more input was needed.

During the board's Sept. 3 meeting, KHSD Director of Business Kenny Seals revealed the top eight recommended names from the Screening Committee of Naming Facilities: Prosperity, Victory, Panama, Tacoma, David Nelson, Buck Owens, Thomas Baker and Mary K. Shell. 

Though the board was scheduled to vote on a name during its Monday night meeting, several board members felt it was necessary to give the community more time to suggest additional non-proper names.

Suggestions may be made at until Nov. 9.

Individuals who submit the school name approved by the KHSD Board of Trustees will receive a school cap and sweatshirt after they are developed by the school.

During Monday's meeting, Board Vice President Joey O'Connell felt it was not fair to name the high school after an individual and motioned to remove the four proper names from consideration, which was approved.

"One of the difficult things is we have so many outstanding community members and so many great names to choose from," O'Connell said. "My concern is that in choosing a proper name, we exclude other proper names that are equally deserving."

He added it's been the history of the district to not use proper names in the naming of high schools. 

Prosperity, Victory, Panama and Tacoma are still in consideration for the high school's name. The Screening Committee of Naming Facilities will choose an additional four names after the Nov. 9 deadline, and an updated list of names will be presented to the board.

The board will revisit the item at its Dec. 16 meeting.

The 250,000-square-foot school will be located at the northeast corner of Panama Lane and Cottonwood Road and construction is scheduled to begin in fall 2020. It is set to open by August 2022 and is estimated to serve up to 2,500 students.

It is the first comprehensive high school to be built since Mira Monte and Independence high schools opened in 2008.

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Cornucopia. Move the site 3 miles east and call it Lamont High School.


Freedom High School


Lamont High School makes more sense in the fact that it should be servicing the community of Lamont. They need a High School more than Bakersfield needs another HS. But if it were my choice I would suggest Valley High School to pay respect to the people of this valley that work so hard to provide goods and services to the rest of the country and beyond. Without the "Valley" California would not be the state it is.


Thank you for the second chance. My name submission is now official:

"Vista LaMont High"


I vote for Wendy Wayne High!! What an honor for she and her family


The article stated that proper names were removed from the choices.


Wendy Wayne isn't even from bakersfield....if we r going to name it after someone it should be someone like Justice Earl Warren...yes I know there's a middle school already bearing his name, or Buck Owen's who has done more for this community than most anyone. Those 2 would be more deserving than Wendy Wayne...RIP.

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