The Kern County Public Health Services Department reported another death and 45 new cases of the coronavirus Saturday morning.

That means there are now 25 deaths in Kern County and 1,483 cases.

The health department says 49.5 percent of the cases are males, and 50.5 percent are females.

Here is the age breakdown: 119 cases among those ages 17 and under; 827 cases among those ages 18-49; 338 cases among those ages 50-64; and 189 cases among those ages 65 and older.

The health department says 954 residents have recovered, while 460 people are isolated at home and 34 people are hospitalized.

You can see all available data at

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äänestys sininen 2020

shouldn't all you folks be out working?... and keeping my Social Security solvent.....

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Hey Yorkies, I work from home and have a few other channels of income, so I can post here all day if I want.

And yes, I'm paying BIG TIME to keep your SS solvent- you're welcome... :)


I support this president. I love what he has done for the courts. I love that his primary attitude is F.U. BUT, he has done a TERRIBLE job with this pandemic. Covid IS here in Kern. It IS continuing to spread. It IS killing people.

Inconvenient Truth

Of course, the useless data from the so-called “Health Department” doesn’t bother to mention that one of the more recent “Covid Deaths” occurred in a Hospice Facility.

Stop and think about that:

A Hospice Facility.

Where terminal patients with untreatable conditions go to be made comfortable while they die.

It is time for the Kern “Death Department” to start caring more about the health of actual citizens than worrying about potential HIPPA violations (which don’t exist) by informing the community about the REAL risks of this disease to otherwise healthy individuals who aren’t residing in a Nursing Home or Dying in a Hospice Facility.

Independent Voter

How do we initiate a recall of those folks in the Public Health Department who are responsible for these failures in public policy? Is Matt Constantine appointed, promoted or hired from a pool of prospective employees? I feel we need to do something about this and so many other things, but I'm just not sure how to do or become involved in these efforts.


We need to initiate a recall of “The Guv” and that old drunk broad on Capital Hill. Neither of them care about the elderly and hardworking middle class Americans.


"119 cases among those ages 17 and under; 827 cases among those ages 18-49; 338 cases among those ages 50-64" I repeat- "827 cases among those 18-49" Why is this ignorant individual mentioning 1 hospice death? This person should keep his mouth shut. Just like President Bodybags. Please join him in his orange tanning booth with sliced lemons over his eyes. It is the only time we do not hear from him!

Gene Pool Chlorinator

There's only one other person here that refers to POTUS as President Body Bags and that's Dweeb.

casones = Dweeb


Are you saying a split personality thing there GPC?

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Gene Pool Chlorinator

You're delusional- and BIDEN would've done better?

LOL He doesn't even know where he is half the time!

I really feel sorry for the guy, but the DNC is in a bind that they likely can't bail out of legally, so you're stuck with him.

Good luck...

Comment deleted.

It’s easy to criticize when you’re hiding under your bed. It’s easy to criticize when your contributions to help a fellow citizen is zero. It’s easy to tell others what they should be doing while you cower In your safe space. It’s easy to be a taker instead of a giver, isn’t it dweeb?

Comment deleted.

I suppose you're right. One death is one death too many. How many of these 45 people do you know? I'm fortunate. Even with a family going through Chemo Therapy and now Radiation Therapy through a very large portion of this "Pandemic", we have managed to stay safe. So have many of the 900,202 residents of Kern County. It makes me wonder what your real concern is. Is it the relatively low number of victims we have had in Kern County, or the Fact that Our President will likely be re-elected in November?

Comment deleted.

You need a valium.

Comment deleted.
Independent Voter

This isn't a pandemic, it's a fraud.

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