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Gubernatorial candidate Jenny Rae Le Roux to visit Bakersfield

Jenny Rae Le Roux

Jenny Rae Le Roux

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jenny Rae Le Roux will visit Bakersfield on Tuesday to meet with donors and community members as part of her campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The business owner from Redding is campaigning on a platform highlighting education reform, lowering obstacles for businesses and better management of the state’s natural resources. She says she is a political outsider who joined the fray after witnessing the mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I started looking for somebody else to do it because I didn’t personally want to run,” she said in a phone interview with The Californian, pointing out that 40 percent of students in her children’s classes were not logging onto Zoom during the early days of the pandemic.

Later, she said the school district realized the children, ages 5 to 7, were left alone at home because their parents were essential workers.

“That unintended consequences is a classic behavior of people that put politics over good policy,” she said of the school closures.

Le Roux started her career at Bain Consulting, a business management consultancy once overseen by Sen. Mitt Romney. She now runs her own consultancy, Management Consulted, which operates out of Redding and counts Facebook among its clients, according to its LinkedIn page.

She says the first priority of her campaign is ensuring that all children go to school during their next school year if their parents want them to. Her in-person class policy would include voluntary masking, and she would not require educators to be vaccinated.

“We have a very small portion of people that actually will be persuaded to get the vaccine by these vaccine mandates,” she said, noting that she is vaccinated and encourages people to get vaccinated. “We are driving value creators out of the state of California with these mandates for no benefit.”

Another part of her campaign focuses on reducing fees for businesses and bringing the state into alignment with places such as Texas, Utah and Tennessee, which have fewer taxes and regulations than California.

“We have a tax structure that disincentives business and treats them as captive,” she said. “I think it’s really important that we help people understand that businesses are problem solvers.”

Perhaps most relevant to Kern County, Le Roux promises to invest in the state’s water infrastructure and reverse the state’s intention to ban fracking by 2024.

“We have waged a climate war in the wrong places. That climate war has disproportionately affected Kern County,” she said, adding that she would reverse the planned ban on fracking on her first day in office.

She calls out the lack of experience in the business world as a primary factor in the state Legislature’s attitude toward businesses. She hopes to reverse the trend if elected governor.

“I am one of those business owners who 100 percent could have left California,” she said, “but I am staying to fight because I believe what happens here doesn’t just matter to Kern County, doesn’t just matter to California, but it matters to the country.”

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