A coalition of groups working to stop climate change and create green jobs held a protest early Friday morning in front of Congressman Kevin McCarthy's Bakersfield home. 

A coalition of groups advocating for green jobs and other progressive programs protested in front of Congressman Kevin McCarthy's house in Bakersfield early Friday morning, prompting a response from police.

The 4:30 a.m. gathering was made up of young adults and youth who want McCarthy to meet with them and consider their demands: for McCarty to hold a public town hall meeting, pledge to help create green jobs and support legislation for Medicare for All and extended unemployment benefits during the pandemic.

The demonstrators were led by the Kern County arm of a group called the Sunrise Movement, a nationwide, youth-led group focused on stopping climate change and promoting a Green New Deal. A news release about the protest in front of McCarthy's home said it also involved members of Our Revolution Kern, Democratic Socialists of America Kern County, the Central California Environmental Justice Network, Kern Young Democrats and others.

"McCarthy’s constituents, roughly half of which are under the age of 34, care about protecting the working class here in Kern County. They want renewable energy jobs that protect the land in our district. They want safe and healthy environments for everyone. And they want to ensure that frontline communities — who are disproportionately Black, Indigenous, and people of color — no longer suffer the lasting health consequences of the fossil fuel industry and are not sacrificed for one man's profits," said a news release from Sunrise Movement — Kern County.

"We say enough is enough. We have a message for all local, state, and federal Kern County politicians. If you don’t work to dismantle the white supremacist ideals that devalue (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) lives, if you don’t advocate for a just transition for workers while moving away from fossil fuels, you need to resign,” said Riddhi Patel, the local coordinator for Sunrise Movement - Kern County, in the news release.

McCarthy tweeted that he was grateful to the Bakersfield Police for responding to his home. 

"THANK YOU for keeping the peace at 4:30am when protestors showed up at my home to try to intimidate my neighbors and my family," McCarthy said.

The news release from the protestors said "about 11 police vehicles arrived at the scene for no more than 20 children and young adults."

It also said demonstrators distributed a letter apologizing to neighbors for the early morning noise around the neighborhood. 

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(26) comments

Masked 2020

Veritas...yes....yourCrazyUncleDon should speak start speaking the truth


Certain people on here need to look up the definition of the word ‘fact’. Either you have forgotten it or you choose to assign your own definition to it. You twist in some insignificant facts and then try to portray the rest of your spurious information as though it is truth. Being blindly partisan obviously leads to a loss of a moral compass more times than not.

Masked 2020

did Kevin hide in his basement? while the CopperTroopers tamed the massive horde of AntiFascists ... preventing the pillaged and plundered his environmentally challenged village?


No need for the 'biblical' terms, but the comments are right. McCarthy only serves the wealthy, not the true actual numbers of the constituents. Register to vote, and make your voice heard through our system which can make change.

Speaking to a connection with BPD, no body threaten his neighborhood or house hold. Sure waking to a group in front of your home at 4:30 am is scary.

You earn a very comfortable salary and lifestyle through the tax payers, what did you expect? The inflammatory 'alternative facts' tweeted by McCarthy just go to prove what the famous statement made by someone WAY more intelligent then me stated in 2015....."Republicans, and the Trump pack, are so smart they know exactly what stupid people want to hear..."


Kevin "My Kevin" McCarthy could reduce the number of demonstrations in front of his office (or home) if he would behave like a representative of the entire population in his district. His current apparent practice is one of representing only "the base," those of a populist right wing Trump supporting persuasion, excluding all others. In dismissing those whose views contridict what he believes, his normal practice of refusing to meet with them, demonstrations are the only civilized alternative to making the point. Or would he rather have riots?

Over the years of his tenure I've written numerous letters on various matters, all civil and professional in tenor but all based on facts, in opposition to his Trumpist perspective. Other than the auto-reply acknowledgement of receipt I get no reply save one time several years ago when I got a boiler plate letter that simply stated his position.

That was fine but it shows he's simply not interested in views, concerns and perspectives that don't fit his populist Fox News talk show world view. Apparently he recognizes that, in facing constituencies not part of his world view, he would be forced to deal with facts that contradict the populist world view he champions.


But just how does any representative of any group of people go about representing "the entire population of his district" when there are several differing points of view on any one topic? McCarthy has been elected by a very comfortable margin of the voters in his district and, like every other congressperson, he is allowed one vote per bill that comes up. Should he purposely cast his vote contrary to his own and the opinions of the majorities who elected him to reflect the percentage of his district that voted against him? Of course I'd like a personal response when I have something to say to him, but since each congressperson represents some 750,000 citizens plus a number of non-citizens, that would be very time consuming. I like the idea of town hall type meetings and discussions but given the state of civil(?) discourse in the country right now I doubt much would be accomplished.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Oh Stephen, again you start to make a point, then poison it by going partisan yet again...

I'm sure if McCarthy stood behind your precious Sierra Club, your POV would be much different...


Cespool is now the self-appointed 'Partisan Police"! Lol.. Fool YOU do not have authority to arbitrarily delineate who is partisan and who is not. Oh... I forgot; Cesspool thinks he's in OZ and he's the Wizard. More like he's Dorothy--lost-- and Veritas-Scumitas is Toto, constantly licking Cespools putrid slippers. Body-Scratcher is The Lion... AND the Tin Man--No brains nor courage. Lol. LilyRose is the Scarecrow-- stuffed full of..... well, let's just say it's not an anatomy of healthy organs.Nay-- I alone can brand posters herein as partisans. Knaives, charlatans, and cretins need not apply. Daddy knowsitall as is demonstrated consistently. I'll be out of pocket for a day or so... a diplomatic situation in Denmark I'm afraid-- but fear not. I'll monitor the situation from a global perspective and provide guidance to Cess and his ignorant minions nonetheless.

So the 3 of you... rustle me up a pineaplle/pepporoni pizza from rUSTY'S AND A GEORGES sPECIAL WITH ALMONDS... AND MY SMOKING JACKET. AND--FOR THE LAST TIME; DO NOT FORGET MY HOUSE SHOES!

Gene Pool Chlorinator


Facts my ignorant friend, just the facts.

Are you going to say that your brethren Yorkies (Masked), Moardeeb, et. al aren't partisan? Yeah, go ahead and claim that- put the final nail in the coffin of a demented mind.

Let me see... you were an only child and didn't get enough attention from your parents, so you made up imaginary friends to keep you occupied. These friends are still being brought forward into a living breathing (100% phony) online persona to this day, right?

I laugh at you and your claim you can tell me what to do. Such a mighty keyboard warrior you are- everything you say is BS, but you do it to feel important because you were a failure in your parent's eyes. See, I get it, getting help from a skilled professional is much more difficult than carrying on in a world only Fred Rogers could really understand.

You sure are spending a lot of time online seeing as you are supposed to be "saving the world" in Paris. Gee, and I really believed you for a second... NOT!



Another massive ten person protest covered by The Californian...


Mccarthy, is this is the best you can do for a county? Being a long time representative of the most notorious, ugly, dirty, crime filled region of the Nation must be humiliating.

I'm sorry your sleep was disturbed.


You feel that way. Why don't you move to Detroit or Chicago.


What a profound comment deeb.

If those goons had been in my neighborhood the least they would have received from me would've been my water hose. Worthless criminals. Ya know, cuz they violated the 10pm till 6am peace disturbance section of the California Penal Code.


I wonder how many laws were broken by this coalition disturbing the peace at that hour in a residential neighborhood.



Inconvenient Truth


Nine obnoxious people do not constitute a "Coalition."

Guy Lerouche

It’s shameful that these groups will go to someone’s home and harass them there. I guess they wouldn’t get a liberal rag to cover them that way.


if thats what you consider "shameful" then i suggest you educate your dullard self


Let's dox them.

Why doesn't TBC print the actual individual names of these liberal loons, so we all know who they are and where THEY live.

If they want to bother people at 4:30 am we can all play their little games. If you want to play with fire that is. Let's do it.


lol fam I'm right here, we just want good jobs and healthcare


Work for them.

Print your address (yours, not someone else's).


VICO-DIN. Relax with the demanding names and addresses. And when you say,

"so WE can all know"-- bruh-- you sound like a torch-bearer in a Frankenstein movie. A lil youthful quite protest with a couple of signs by less than a dozen flks with no criminal records--I checked-- and you get all lathered up and load yer kerosine tiki-torches from the backyard pool of yer neighbor's house. Sheesh! Chill out.

Be more concerned with The Take-Over Project. Young thugs being schooled on the basics of charm to worm their way into the hearts of The Good Old Boyz daughters of marrying age. The goal--water down the gene pool of racists by infiltrating the family via romantic laisons and breeding at a 'warp-speed' pace to become part and parcel of your family. Child-bearing from the majority, sired by the minority. The Perfect Solution. Waters down the nationalism whilst promulgating the mixing of the races until the minority becomes your majority. There is no defense against it. Cant stop Rap music. Cant stop young love. Cant stop the power of Urban Legend allure that these gals seek. Curiosity is the key. Look around. Happening every day. lol HaHaHa. So just cut them checks and be quick about it. The Fellas don't want none of yo lip or excuses. Cut the check. Rent is due. NO! bUY THEM A HOUSE... THE BABY NEEDS SECURITY GRANDMA WILL ORDER YOU TO PAY! ALL their bills... or no baby visits!! HAHAHA And dem Fellas aint paying a dime in child support. See ya across the table on Turkey Day, Dad!! HAha. Best have that tree filled with gifts at Xmas too. Raythell be expecting his issue-- so handle it. And toss him the keys to The Cabin. Him and Ther Fellas gonna have a stripper party over the holidays! How do ya like THEM biscuits? HA ha


The small and silly men and women who support Trump in the Senate like Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Joni Ernst, Martha McSally, Susan Collins, Lindsay Graham and Congress like Kevin McCarthy are now going to feel the wrath of America. The Republican Party is going to be reduced to a smoldering ash heap.


Take another puff and go back to sleep...


You look desperate dweeb. You can't speak something into existence. Bless your heart.


Te tell-tale heart is beating so loud and furiously! FatBoy Red Wig STDonald is deperate. Chewing out The Pentagon,, Lol Kicking the dead military soldier/heroes in their graves. Ginning up the military for 'riots' that have only resulted in less than a dozen deaths over 3 months.Lol HaHa The desperate hours. No worries. FatBoy Red Wig STDonald will be drug outta The White House uncerimoniously as scheduled in January. 'What if he won't leave?' What if he questions the results?" LOL

The Red Wig WILL be evicted. The remaining Repubs sure as heck aint gonna co-sign for no insurrection-- they aint going to jail for FatBoy. They will be on the news shouting about how crazy and evil he was and is. They will be trying to rehabilitate their own careers... and it aint gonna be by backing The Loser! HaHa. Bye-Bye 'dynasty'. You silly little folks with yer silly little daydreams and decoder rings from cereal boxes hoping for a secret society or conspiracy. Lol So silly. The wives nod their head whilst ya watch FOXNEWS-- but inside, they can't believe their man is a follower, NOT a leader. They see FatBoy and shake their heads. Then... when their man is at work... they seek REAL men. Yup. Studies show The housewife is very discontent. A Pew Study shows that 84% of Evangelical wives yearn for an Urban Legend experience. And THAT is why y'all sooooo mad. Can't stop their minds and hearts from drifting into satisfaction-land. Can ya? HaHaHa. How do ya like dem bisquits?

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