Greenlawn Funeral Homes Southwest is now allowing people to purchase plots for their household pets. The pets must be cremated beforehand, unless they are very small, such as a bird. More than 2,000 plots will be available. Headstone for K.C., Greenlawn Director Jim LaMar's dog. She was the first one to be buried there.

Greenlawn Funeral Homes and Cemeteries will extend burials to pets with its new pet cemetery on Saturday, according to a news release. 

The pet cemetery, named Precious Pet Garden, will be the only one currently in operation when it opens. It will open on Saturday beginning at 11 a.m. at the gates of Greenlawn Southwest, located at 2739 Panama Lane, according to the release. 

"When a family loses a pet, it is like the loss of a family member," said Greenlawn president, Jim LaMar. "A pet is a loved one, and many people are looking for a permanent place to lay their cherished pet to rest. This new section will allow families to do just that." 

The first animal laid to rest was LaMar's dog, KC. The pet cemetery will have space for 2,400 pets, according to the release. 

For more information contact LaMar at 661-834-8820 or email jamesl@greenlawnmc.com.

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liz keogh

Congratulations to Mr LaMar & Greenlawn for offering this service to the many folks who think of their pets as family members & who want them to have a dignified, permanent resting place. Just a small correction for Mr LaMar's e-mail address: it needs a hyphen between the "m" & "c" before .com: jamesl@greenlawnm-c.com

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