A photo taken outside Frontier High School.

A Frontier High School science teacher has resigned after she was placed on leave earlier this year after students discovered pornographic online videos in which she was featured, according to the Kern High School District.

Emily Salazar resigned effective April 30, said KHSD Public Information Officer Erin Briscoe.

Several students found the videos in January and began circulating the news on social media, sources said in a previous interview with The Californian. She was placed on paid administrative leave on Jan. 28.

She had been a teacher at Frontier starting in 2010 and was employed with the district for around 10 years. 

Salazar declined to comment for this story. 

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she should go pro. We would love to see her go pro. Emily if you're watching this we want to see more!


A good teacher who broke no laws is out of a job while Bakersfield Christians rally in support of child molesting priests. Stay a$$-backwards, Bakersfield.

This is the comment of the year! But the good news is that the monster fake priest is DONE!


I’ll accept a PROVEN prostitute-for-money being forced to “resign” over a career-long man-of-God, who has thus far been proven innocent of most charges and will be exonerated of his remaining baseless and unsubstantiated accusations, anytime/every time.


Proven innocent? How so?


No biggie. Po$n pays better. :-)


Yeah, & she’ll need it to pay for the myriad STDs she contracts & passes on to other her degenerate clients as well as paying for the numerous “relocations” she’ll have to make each time her actual perverted lifestyle is found out.


Hopefully she gets back to making videos....they are pretty good!

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