A photo taken outside Frontier High School.

A Frontier High School science teacher was placed on leave Monday after students discovered pornographic online videos in which she was featured, according to multiple sources.

Several students found the videos of Emily Salazar last week and began circulating the news on social media, sources said. By Monday morning "the whole school knew," according to a Frontier High parent, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she is heavily involved with the school. 

"And I have to tell you, (the videos) are horrific," the parent said of their content. "The videos are bad. They're bad."

The Kern High School District has said Salazar, 36, is on paid administrative leave but provided no further comment. 

The parent said the videos she has seen show Salazar's face, and she's positive the person they depict is the same woman who was teaching at Frontier.

No students are in the videos, the parent said, and she doesn't believe any crimes were committed. 

But she finds the teacher's behavior disturbing. 

"I think it's disgusting, especially a high school teacher, risking knowing that her students could see her doing that," she said. 

Another parent, who also asked for anonymity, said Salazar has been at Frontier since at least 2017. She said she didn't know about her pornographic work until Monday. She was surprised, but not shocked. 

"It's unfortunate, honestly, that when you hear things like this it's not shocking anymore," she said. "In this day and age so many things happen, it's just part of our time."

Others, however, said it shouldn't matter what Salazar does in her free time and she should keep her job.

"Big deal!" Sarah Kirschner posted on Facebook. "If she didn't break the law then who cares?"

And Chandra Beatty wrote, in part, "It’s not like she was doing it with students or shared it with them. Why are people so hung up about sex?"

Bakersfield police spokesman Sgt. Brian Holcombe has said the department is not involved in the district investigation. 

While Salazar's alleged actions aren't believed to be criminal, she could still face discipline, including dismissal. 

Joshua Speaks, public affairs manager for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, said it has reviewed pornography cases in the past and the outcomes differ depending on a variety of factors.  

First, the Committee on Credentials — the body at the commission that handles discipline cases — would need a jurisdiction to investigate. 

"In a case like this, the most likely avenue would be a report from her superintendent," Speaks said in an email. "If she was suspended for more than 10 days or dismissed as a result of her actions, the superintendent is required by law to report the case to us."

Once the committee opens an investigation, he said, the case is reviewed under what are commonly known as "Morrison factors," articulated by the California Supreme Court for determining fitness to teach. 

Those factors are: likelihood of recurrence of the questioned conduct; extenuating or aggravating factors; effect of notoriety and publicity; impairment of teacher-student relationships; disruption of the education process; motive; and when the conduct occurred.

"So, for example," Speaks wrote, "a teacher who produced pornographic videos in her 20s, and was now an educator in her 50s would be viewed differently than someone whose conduct was current."

He said it would also matter if students were aware of the videos, if they were commonly available through major sites, if their publication was intentional versus revenge porn posted by an ex, and other factors. 

Jason Kotowski can be reached at 661-395-7491. Follow him on Twitter: @tbcbreakingnews.

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I think the issue here should be what on earth are kids doing on x rated adult sites???


Yes, a link to the distasteful vid(s) would be helpful in determining the quality of this individual.


Really? Because there is a universal metric for determining what p@rnography is ok and what is "distasteful" so we can judge people on that basis? C'mon. Let's face it - it's all arbitrary. I've seen the videos / pictures, and lets just say I disagree with the judgy parent quoted above as saying they are "horrific" and "very bad". It was just p@rn.


I would think that the parents of the students that circulated the videos/images on social media should be concerned. I seem to recall that distributing pornography is illegal.


Hmm. Who decides what "disturbing" is?


Probably should have used a pseudonym, you think? Maybe that’s why few people post here under their real names...


If Ms. Salazar intentionally failed to reveal required information during a pre-employment background investigation, the school district may have grounds for dismissal. The school district had better consult with its legal counsel before proceeding.

Proves that no amount of parental supervision can keep children out of adult only websites.



Fram Smith

If she is fired over this, there will be a court challenge over 1st Amendment rights. KHSD should seek legal counsel before doing anything.Also, if KHSD simply does nothing, no comments and no disciplinary action, and just wait it out for a month or two, maybe Ms.Salazar can go back to teaching Darwinian Evolution and the laws of Plate Tectonics.In the 21st century, no one cares that you make Adult on- line content. This is a legal minefield for KHSD- and no one cares. Smart money bets on " wishing it into the cornfield", and just move on.


really the kids have known about this for 7 yrs and its just now out in the open for some reason i doubt that ,im going to have to hit up my nephews to see if they have known about her doing vids. i do think she should keep her job ..she has done nothing wrong


So a bunch of underage teenagers with nothing better to do, from a "nice" part of Bakersfield, were cruising for adult content? And the adult who keeps her personal and professional life clearly separated is the problem?

Must be Bakersfield...

Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

It’s about time these crappy public school kids learned something useful

Bakersfield Bob

Maybe Michael Avenatti can be hired to defend her?

Bakersfield Bob

Maybe her union can sign Michael Avenatti to defend her?


Kern high school better check there records, this teacher has reached there since my daughter was a sophomore and now she’s 21 , ?


Well let’s also not forget this didn’t just occur ,it’s been going on for a number of years , The students have known about this teachers behaviors for over 7 yrs , She has put out very smart kids and they have gone on to colleges around the world , Her private life is her private life , I would hope the union fully supports her , Charges should filed if they don’t


To clarify, what is meant by the videos are "bad." Is this in reference to subject matter or production quality? The article isn't clear on what the parent meant by their statement.


I thought the same thing when I read that quote.


In my estimation that is referring to "bad" as in it didn't jibe with someone's middle class morality. They also said "disgusting" and I don't think they meant vid quality.

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