Jeff Hicks

Former Liberty coach Jeff Hicks

Former Liberty High boys basketball coach Jeff Hicks, charged earlier this month with a misdemeanor, is specifically accused of kissing and rubbing against a 16-year-old girl, according to court documents released Monday.

Hicks, 28, at first lied to investigators but eventually admitted to kissing the girl while she was at his house, the documents say. He denied other inappropriate conduct took place. 

Hicks was also a math teacher at the school before being placed on paid administrative leave Nov. 5 and prohibited from stepping foot on any Kern High School District campus. 

According to the documents, police were contacted in November regarding the alleged relationship and interviewed the girl. She said she and Hicks began sending messages to each other about two months after school started. She texted him daily.

During their conversations, she told police, Hicks would randomly send her his address and the code to enter his gated community. She said she believed he did this in an attempt to entice her to come over. She gave excuses as to why she couldn't go. 

If she didn't respond, Hicks would delete her from all his social media then add her back minutes or hours later, she said. And he became angry and jealous when she told him about hanging out with boys. 

In early November, the girl said, Hicks again invited her over and she decided to go because she'd ignored him so many other times. She arrived at 12:30 a.m. and Hicks forcefully pulled her close and hugged her, she said according to the documents. 

They entered his bedroom and Hicks lay on the bed while she looked at her phone. She said she felt uncomfortable but didn't say anything. 

When police first questioned her, the girl said nothing else occurred and she left, according to the documents. But she provided more details when questioned again the following day outside the presence of her parents.

In the second interview, the girl said Hicks moved in close to her while they sat on the bed. He kissed her but she didn't kiss him back, she said, and she spent about five minutes avoiding his kisses.

Hicks also pulled her on top of him, she told detectives. At one point, she said, he tried removing her shorts. She described other inappropriate behavior in the documents, but said she remained clothed throughout the encounter. 

When detectives arrived at Hicks' home, he told them he knew why they were there, according to the documents. He said he had been trying to help a girl at school deal with problems at home. 

They regularly texted, he said, but he deleted all the messages.

Students tend to gravitate toward him, possibly because of his youth, Hicks said, according to the documents. He described himself as "really caring, to a fault."

Hicks denied the girl had been to his house. She asked to come over the night before, he told police, but he refused. It would be inappropriate, he said.

The detectives then revealed they knew more than they'd been letting on. 

"I told Hicks I already knew the answer to everything I was asking him and he was lying to me," an investigator wrote in the documents. "I told him just because things have been deleted off the phone, nothing is really gone and could be easily retrieved."

Hicks admitted lying. He said the girl went to his house the night before at his request, according to the documents. They went into his bedroom and sat on the bed, and she spent most of the time looking at her phone, he said.

Just as she was about to leave, he kissed her, documents say he told the investigators. They "made out" for about five minutes then she left. He said nothing else happened. 

Prosecutors filed a charge of annoying or molesting a child against Hicks on Dec. 3.

He has a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday. 

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Why would anyone give up their career for this? I do not understand this man or his actions.


Well I hope putting his job in jeopardy isn't the main reason you don't understand his actions. Maybe pedophillia is wrong even if you don't get caught.


Because he is not a man. When you admittedly groom someone for months that is 16 and you are 27 and you have no regard for the consequences that could mean jail? You’re not a man you are a pedophile.

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