ed jagels and cynthia zimmer

Former District Attorney Ed Jagels, left front row, is seated next to District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer during her swearing-in ceremony Friday at the Kern County Administrative Center.

Former Kern County District Attorney Ed Jagels said he is most likely going to work as a consultant for new District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer starting in February.

“She asked me. I was so flattered I said yes,” Jagels said prior to a swearing-in ceremony Friday in which he served as master of ceremonies.

He said the role would most likely be unpaid and part-time, but he said he would get an office for his work.

He described his role as working with statistics and the “nexus” between new laws and crime rates, but he would do “anything Cindy would like me to do.”

But, he noted, he would not be taking cases to trial.

Jagels, 69, one of California’s longest-sitting district attorneys, was Kern County DA from 1983 to 2010. Jagels hired Zimmer in 1984 and endorsed her in her bid for election.

The election split support in the District Attorney's Office, with former DA Lisa Green supporting Scott Spielman — her second-in-command — during the campaign, and Jagels siding with Zimmer.

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Wow this is embarrassing . When are we going to pull this town out of the corrupt swamp it’s been held hostage to for decades? Shameful


seriously Ed?

The Jackal

The evil lord Ed Jagels returns to the Kern County DA's office alongside his progeny Cynthia Zimmerman, to continue the #KernCorruption.


Well, we just had to have a female here, didn't we, regardless of merit or consequences.


Ed was without a doubt the best DA Kern County has ever had. He had an enormous foot print in Sacramento along with other law and order DAs. He helped usher in 3-strikes among other tough on crime policies. When these "tough on crime" leaders retired and handed the baton off that's when things fell apart. Homeless addicts, out of control drug addiction, increased homicides, random shootings, gangs everywhere, crime just out of control. Yea I'll take the Ed Jagels approach to crime prevention any day of the week compared to what we have now.


Murders in 2010 - 33
Murders in 2016 - 32

How many people went to prison over false Satanic pedophile convictions again? One guy in jail 19 years and taxpayers liable for a 10 million dollar restitution.
One guy getting his 3rd strike 3 decades after the first two for stealing doughnuts. Really? It makes sense to house a guy for 80 grand a year because he stole doughnuts worth less than a buck?
Ed didn't even bother to register his Porsche for three years till he got pulled over. Then there's the murder of his subordinate over a homosexual affair with a young man Jagels kept cutting slack to. I have an idea Ed, run for Congress, you'll fit right in and I'm sure this town will elect you.

Fram Smith

What is Zimmer thinking. Maybe "Crazy Ed" can spend millions in investigations and prosecutions with fabricated evidence, like in the good old days when he created his own Kern County version of "the McMartion Pre-school Scandal". Sweet Jesus, why would anyone with a shred of self- respect want to be seem with this man who , with malice of forethought, destroyed peoples lives by unjust prosecutions, for political gain. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. Zimmer, whose fondness for "Crazy Ed" is understandable, needs to rethink her re-election prospects with being connected to the flood of bad feeling tided to Jagels. If she wants the job longer than one term, she will have to walk this one back. People remember the systemic misuse of prosecutional power under Jagels-re- hiring him is to return to " the bad old days."


That's a foolish post. I never understood why you leftist liberals are pro-crime and criminal. Don't you want a safe community. I don't think I'll ever understand why liberals such as yourself think its a good idea for drug addicts to be living on our streets with no home instead of jail while all-along they burglarize our homes to support their addictions. Yes with Ed Jagals approach their will be a little collateral damage you can point to. But for heaven's sake the need to reduce and control the current "out of control" crime in our community substantially out-weighs the need to prevent a couple of prosecutorial mistakes. The trade off is not worth it.


I'm a conservative and Ed Jagels was one of the most CORRUPT DA's, right up there with the Duke Lacrosse DA Mike Nifong. There should NEVER be "collateral damage" when it comes to one's freedom.


Wrong!!!!! another liberal posting. Where's your evidence......oh you don't have any!!! Just reckless accusations with absolutely no back-bone evidence. He was extremely tough on crime and you liberals hate that.


Hey.....false convictions IS a crime. A couple of prosecutorial mistakes? Nineteen years in prison might make you rethink the term....mistake.

The Jackal

A little collateral damage? Prosecutorial misconduct and bogus prosecutions that that cost County taxpayers millions of dollars? I'm sorry the fakeness and corruption is out of control and it's not excusable.


Lisa . . . ?
Where are you . . . ?
Are you following all of this . . . ?
You're the best . . .!
Lisa . . . ?


Hasent the kern county tax payers paid enough of his mistakes with prosecutorial misconduct charges ? My god doesn’t this place ever change . He’s a liability ?


Birds of a feather flock together. My Mom always said, "You can tell the character of a person by the company they keep."


Ed has a hankering for Satanic Child Molesters. What a fool.


I don’t see many celebrating his return. Hopefully this won’t last long.


Don’t care why. Glad he’s back


One word. Why?

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