Assemblyman Vince Fong

Assemblyman Vince Fong

Assembly Transportation Committee Vice Chair Vince Fong and Assembly Education Committee Vice Chair Kevin Kiley announced legislation Thursday to stop High-Speed Rail funding for two years.

In a news release, the two said such a move would free up more than $3 billion, staving off cuts to education. It would also allow the High-Speed Rail project to be reassessed in light of alternative emerging transportation technologies, the release stated.

AB 3199 would suspend the project's 25 percent share of cap-and-trade revenues for two years and reallocate an existing $2.4 billion that has yet to be spent. The funds would be used to mitigate proposed cuts to K-12 education. 

“We need to seriously reevaluate High Speed Rail funding, especially when this state is asking Californians to make real sacrifices,” Fong, R-Bakersfield, said. “If Governor Newsom is threatening cuts to education, healthcare programs, and diverting road funds to address our budget deficit, while at the same time $2.4 billion is sitting in an account for a boondoggle rail project, that is unacceptable.” 

The bill requires independent assessment of whether emerging transportation technologies would be better alternatives to the high-speed rail.

"Beyond the unfathomable price tag, the biggest cost of this project is it has shackled our transportation planning to the technology of yesterday," Kiley, R-Rocklin, said. "California's private sector is planning for the future, and it's time for our government to start doing so as well."

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Why is it that each year we are told that schools need more money? It's so teachers can fund their retirement funds. Also, since they are not teaching the three R's, why should they get more money to teach "gender studies," etc. Put the money towards our infrastructure, which badly needs it.


The rail system should be ended, period. It is a gigantic waste of taxpayer's money and was a very idiotic idea from the start. They would NEVER recover the cost to build it and would not be used much by anyone. The people who started this should be publicly flogged!

All Star

I wonder what Fong's political rival, Julie Solis, with her huge tata's, would say about this?

Guy Lerouche

Let’s see. Spend money on a project that has spending end in sight, has gone billions over budget, and that will never fund itself, OR invest in our youth and protect jobs. Yeah, Vince is a bad guy


Oh, brother. Typical Bakersfield response. Mr. Fong this short sightedness is wrong.


It may be typical, but it's the correct response.

Independent Voter

How is this a bad move, Lily? You desire to see education cuts?

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Lily- care to explain your comment? Do you support the train to nowhere over education for our children?


I see a future where the next generation will welcome in modernization. Where the engineering needed for this shift will reach into our community's youth. Where instead of sitting in disruptive classrooms with little aspirations be inspired by clean, fast travel and offerings of insight in a world seldom seen in this valley of smog.

You want improvement in education ?

Start by surrounding children with a world of possibilities. Not filled with pot holes and lined with trash.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

The train to nowhere will never meet the goals you attribute to it. The most recent study I saw indicated it won't even be self-sustaining (read: it will have to be subsidized by our tax dollars).

Improvements in education have to come from 1) The home and 2) The schools.

Attributing poor educational results to pot holes and trash is a little bit of a stretch, don't you think?

And before you get mad- I'm all for a cleaner environment, I just don't want to place all of our social issues at the feet of potholes and trash.

Thanks for responding.


There you go again GPC, trying to reason with Lily. I truly think she means well most of the time, but she does tend to over-dramatize.


You are either a troll, or just a special kind of stupid. School’s funding is being cut, so how is that an improvement to education. I really hope you’re just saying this because you’re desperate for attention, not because you actually believe it. If you genuinely think like this, you have a lot of issues and need some schooling yourself to help you use your brain. Either way, you are pathetic and ignorant!

Masked 2020

it good to see the pandemic hasn't made Vince a team player.... he is still a true partisan


It's sad to see even a pandemic won't make you any more intelligent. Own it.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Yorkies, are you just mad that a Republican is sponsoring an increase in education funding? I'm sure you support that boondoggle that will never amount to anything other that the largest waste of taxpayer money in the history of this state... SMH


You actually made me laugh yuckies. You are not a team player and you are as partisan as they come. Fong is actually making a pretty bipartisan call, but I get that is not something you can comprehend. No old dog learning a new trick for you...

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