Lamont floods.

It's a reality that's become so common in wet years, that maintenance crews just show up without being called out.

It happened again Friday, and on Saturday a crew from the Lamont School district was at Mountain View Middle School working to keep the campus safe from the expensive damage flooding can cause.

Caliente Creek is the problem, and the County of Kern is working on a long-term solution. Meanwhile, Lamont floods.

On Saturday, floodwater inundated Mountain View Road, crossing Weedpatch Highway north of the farming community.

The school district crew was joined by crews from Caltrans and the county roads department. Sandbags were used to shore up defenses and pumps were used to move standing water away from churches, classrooms and homes.

Standing at the flooded corner of Mountain View and Weedpatch, a California Highway Patrol Officer said with more rain in the forecast, more runoff from the creek is expected.

East of Weedpatch Highway, part of the road was washed out by the flooding, leading to a commercial truck being disabled.

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