A pair of five-story student dormitory buildings has been proposed for 6.45 acres of vacant land at the northeast corner of Coffee Road and Stockdale Highway.

The proposal submitted for city review Tuesday would replace earlier plans for three two- or three-story office buildings at the site, which is located across Coffee from the Town & Country Village shopping center, where Trader Joe's is located.

Bakersfield Development Services Director Jacqui Kitchen said her staff is reviewing the proposal and that a public hearing on the matter would likely be scheduled soon.

“It’s too soon to tell whether this is the right fit or not” for the surrounding neighborhood, she said, adding that the land is currently zoned for commercial offices.

The plan calls for 660 beds spread among 180 residential units, with a computer lab, covered parking for bicycles and group study and gathering rooms. The residences would be occupied by students attending nearby Cal State Bakersfield.

The project's purpose, according to paperwork received by the city is "to serve the needs of CSUB students with the first off-campus, purpose-built student housing facility in Bakersfield that will be 0.3 miles from campus and to create a pedestrian-friendly facility to improve the carbon footprint and give students opportunity to live with peers and walk or ride bikes to campus."

A CSUB spokeswoman said the university had been unaware of the plan and was not involved with it. President Lynnette Zelezny followed up with an email stating CSUB encourages its students to live on campus.

“Research has shown that students who live on campus do better in the classroom, and on-campus living allows students to fully experience university life,” she wrote.

A site plan for the dormitories was submitted by Bakersfield's McIntosh & Associates on behalf of applicant Coleraine Capital Group, a real estate and investments company based in Monterey. Coleraine has developed student housing projects serving California State University campuses in Monterey, Sacramento, San Jose and Stanislaus. The project's architectural firm is Humphreys & Partners Architects LP, based in Dallas.

The property, owned by the local Giumarra family's company GC Investments, is currently in escrow.

Construction is underway immediately north of the site. A two-story office building is in the works, as is a hotel a little further to the north. Restaurants, a gas station and a convenience store recently opened on the same corner.

Homeowner Steven Streeks, who lives in the nearby Quailwood neighborhood, said his only worry regarding the project is the additional traffic it would bring. Already people drive too fast through the area, he said, to circumvent the busy intersection of Coffee and Stockdale.

"Honestly, the only thing I'd be worried about is the ton of more traffic that might not be the best drivers there," he said.

One of his neighbors, renter Julio Leon, said the intersection seems like a great location for student housing. There's very little crime in the area, he said, which would be beneficial for the students.

The only potential negative he foresees is the college parties.

"That's the bad side I could see," he said. "I don't know if they're going to behave well or not."

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Two five story “dormitory-style” apartment buildings with 660 beds is a RIDICULOUS proposal for THAT corner, the already busiest intersection in Bakersfield.
This clown’s idea of “notifying nearby neighbors” about the meeting was to mail letters to only the APARTMENTS that edge Quailwood. The media and the full neighborhoods only found out because the letter was leaked in neighborhood watch groups. Shady much? Then the meeting place was all of a sudden “unavailable”? I saw it. They were having carpet installed. Furniture was everywhere. There was no “last minute” about them not being able to accommodate the two to three hundred protestors who showed up. If you want proof of the numbers who showed up, go look at the Facebook page NO DORMS ON COFFEE AND STOCKDALE, photos of the event and video of David Moon are posted there.
The dorms at CSUB still have vacancies, as do the Edgewater apartments, right next door to CSUB. There is no demand for these pretend “dormitory” rooms. So then what will these buildings be filled with? In California, you can’t “discriminate” against people by requiring them to be students. Then what?
The City of a Bakersfield and Andrae Gonzales MUST vote no to this!

Patricia Edna

If there’s sufficient student housing on the CSUB campus, then clearly this is not needed. That’s a horrible, unsafe area for students to be due to traffic. If the University isn’t on board, then the city shouldn’t be either

Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

Seems like a lot of money to house 13th graders who could only get into this embarrassing college


If it's not on campus and CSUB has no part in the development, then it's not really a dorm. They can call it off-campus private dorms all they want, but it's really just a high-density apartment complex that leases by the room instead of by the unit.

When I was at school, these sort of complexes had bad reputations since you don't get to choose your roommates and your recourse against bad roommates is only as good as the lease specifications and the actions of the on-site manager. Parties were common at one complex which had an on-site manager that didn't care.

And I don't really see a 5-story high-density apartment complex as a good match for the existing development in the area. If they want to switch from office-space to apartments, a 2-story or 3-story traditional apartment complex would match the other condo and apartment complexes nearby, and be a similar height profile to the previously approved office complexes.


How many students would be hit by red light runners? I hope they have a plan to keep the kids safe.


This once nice neighborhood does not need a five story anything shoved down its throat. The recent influx of transients and speeding cars into the neighborhood has been a nightmare. The impact of unrestricted teens taking over should lower property values. Why was there no input from these neighborhood people? $$$$$$$$$$$?


Talk about the WRONG location! No on this project.....

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