First Look: Josh Farler Foundation

Founder and President of the Josh Farler Foundation, Mike Nipper (right), talks with member DT holder (left), about their upcoming reverse drawing fundraiser.

Cancer treatment can be an expensive endeavor, particularly for those that don’t have medical insurance. Even then, while most companies will cover a portion of the treatment, many are left without their expenses covered prior to medical care.

That’s where members of the Josh Farler Foundation have stepped in.

On Wednesday’s “First Look with Scott Cox,” President and Founder Michael Nipper talked about the upcoming fundraiser for the foundation. Joining him was supporter DT Holder, who talked about the good the organization does for the community.

“If you can’t get to your treatments, then the treatments are no good,” said Holder. He explained that the group raises funds for local cancer patients that many nonprofits don’t cover, such as housing, travel and transportation costs. Other foundations may cover these costs, but are more geared towards children, like the Ronald McDonald House.

In contrast, the Josh Farler Foundation helps provide money to more encompassing organizations, like the AIS Cancer Center on Chester Avenue and the Comprehensive Cancer and Blood Center on Truxtun. The foundation then partners with these facilities to help assess patients eligibility for funding prior to treatment.

“[Insurance] kicks in when you get to the door, but it doesn’t help you get to the door. It doesn’t help your family that’s probably going to travel with you,” said Holder.

The Josh Farler Foundation will help cover the medical costs of local families with their upcoming reverse drawing fundraiser and dinner. The dinner will include steak, beverages, and a chance to visit local vendors. $3,000 in prizes will also be given away at the event.

The 2015 Reverse Drawing Fundraiser will take place Saturday, June 13, at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union Hall located at 6718 Meany Avenue. Doors open at 5 p.m. For vendor registration or tickets, visit:

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