A dispute involving a local home builder who was accused of fraudulently filling out DMV paperwork giving his son's 1967 Camaro to a family friend has been resolved, attorneys said. 

Prosecutors on Wednesday dismissed criminal charges against John Dovichi, 67, with a court order that he return the title to the car to his son, said Joseph Kinzel, spokesman for the District Attorney's office.

Kinzel said there were multiple disagreements between Dovichi and his son, Jonathan Dovichi. They led to issues as to whether the charges could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

John Dovichi's attorney, David A. Torres, said the two sides came to a mutual resolution. He declined further comment. 

The case has its origins with the Camaro's purchase by John Dovichi, president of John Dovichi Custom Homes, in the mid-2000s for him and his son to work on together.

He signed the car over to Jonathan Dovichi in late 2008, according to court documents. Jonathan Dovichi was issued a new title for the vehicle in his name only in January 2009.

Jonathan Dovichi told investigators he stored the car at his father's property. He showed up at his father's place one day in 2015 and the Camaro was gone.

He asked his father where the car was.

His father said, "That's a big boy's game, I sold it," Jonathan Dovichi told investigators.

Jonathan Dovichi said he never gave his father permission to sell the Camaro, according to the documents. He filed a complaint with the investigative arm of the DMV in August 2016.

John Dovichi was alleged to have forged his son's signature on DMV papers in giving the car to a longtime family friend.

Questioned by investigators, John Dovichi could not explain how his son had the original title to the vehicle, according to the documents. He claimed that even if his son had the title, the car was still his because he bought it.

Torres has said the allegations stemmed from a lawsuit between the father and son. 

John Dovichi had faced two felonies and four misdemeanors before Wednesday's resolution. 

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Sounds like Daddy raised a spoiled brat. Kid doesn't participate in fixing up this car for several years and keeps it stored for free on Daddy's property. Daddy gets sick of storing car and watching it go to waste, so gives it to someone who actually wants it. Spoiled brat son throws Daddy under the bus. Dad's mistake (besides raising his son to be ungrateful) was signing the car over to his son. Why do so many parents feel compelled to GIVE their kids every privilege under the sun without having them EARN it? I bet this kid is currently driving a nice expensive vehicle paid for by Daddy. (or by the guaranteed income Daddy gives him) Very Sad.


Good Lord! This could have been settled on Judge Judy!!!


This is news?

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