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Phillip Peters

Complaints that District 1 candidate Phillip Peters made up a job title to improve his resume are false, Peters told The Californian on Monday.

Over the last week, allegations arose that Peters had made up the title “district director” in order to sound more impressive to potential voters. He has claimed such a job on the campaign trail and it is listed in the Kern County Qualified List, which is complied by the Kern County Elections Division and provides information about candidates.

The complainants say the job does not exist, while Peters confirmed he does, in fact, have the job he says he has.

“I’d hope they’d have something of value to stand on versus trying to attack people, but it’s also the nature of the beast,” Peters said of the allegations. “I’m just going to keep moving forward in trying to do good.”

Elise Modrovich, who is listed as a board member of the Democratic Women of Kern on the organization’s website, emailed The Californian, saying she planned to file a complaint against Peters. In another email to The Californian, former Kern County Sheriff candidate Justin Fleeman pointed out what he said was misleading behavior.

Both claimed the position “district director” did not exist in the Kern County system, and said Peters’ true job title was “field representative.”

Peters, however, said all positions in district offices were classified at the pay scale of field representative, while employees hold different titles from chief of staff to district director.

“It’s sad they have nothing else to grasp at,” he said.

His campaign did commit a recent error, however. In an email, the Peters campaign said he had secured an endorsement from the Kern County Fire Department. Yet, the department never issued the endorsement.

That endorsement, instead, came from Kern County’s chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters, the local union.

Peters called the act a typo that he did not catch and said he would fix it on his campaign’s website.

Despite the recent allegations that have cropped up, Peters said he would try to stay positive for the rest of the campaign.

“I’m not too worried about digging up dirt on anybody else,” he said. “They can keep trying on me if they want.”

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Conscience of Bakersfield

My guess you all support Leticia Perez too. LOL


Lie #1 - Lying about his job title to mislead voters and get votes. Lie #2 - Lying about “Kern County Fire” endorsing him. Both lies are still on his website! Elections/DA/County Counsel- What are you going to do about is fraudulent title on the ballot? Shame on you Peters.


He’s already lying to the public and he hasn’t even been elected yet. Fire may want to think twice about this guy if they haven’t already. Elections and DA need to know about this also. Someone investigate this please!


Typo schmypo.

äänestys sininen 2020

just make it up as you go along.....very Trumpian

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