Jaz McKay

KNZR talk radio personality Jaz McKay refers to himself as "God-fearing, gun-toting, and flag-waving."

Should he add "tongue-slipping" to the mix?

McKay, KNZR's top-rated local host who has been at the station going on 11 years, has a history of getting himself into hot water. And judging by the outrage he generated on Facebook Thursday night and Friday morning, he's again facing some heat after he used the racial epithet "spic" to describe Spanish-language music on the radio.

It all started at about 9:50 p.m. Thursday. McKay was shooting a Facebook Live video from inside his parked car, pointing out in dismay the large number of Spanish radio stations crowding the radio dial. He occasionally described them as "Messican."

He was scanning the radio dial, pointing out one station after another. Then he paused.

"Am I, am I getting to you?" he said. Then he dropped the S-bomb.

"More spic ... um, excuse me, more Mexican music," he said.

Soon afterward, U.S. Army combat veteran Chad Garcia responded with his own Facebook post. Garcia, himself a former KNZR talk radio host who also did a stint producing McKay's show, was clearly disgusted by McKay's behavior.

"DEAR BAKERSFIELD," Garcia posted.

"I give you the REAL Jaz McKay from KNZR referring to Mexican radio as “spic” radio. This is a clip recorded from his Facebook Live video, which, no doubt will be deleted soon."

He is the self proclaimed “King” of local talk radio," Garcia said of McKay. "Bakersfield can do better than this."

In a private message, Garcia said, "This is why I left his show and ultimately KNZR. I complained five times to management."

Reached Friday morning, McKay chalked up the incident to a slip of the tongue.

"I must have slipped and said something I shouldn't have said," he told The Californian. "I apologize if I offended anybody."

If the Facebook comments are any indication, McKay offended many.

"I wonder how the local businesses who he advertises for, are going to feel about his derogatory comments towards the Hispanic community," commented Miguel Chavez.

"How is this sorry (expletive) not fired," replied Tom Sweat.

"He sounds drunk," wrote Connie H. Lindley.

"Send me this full video so I can let my friends at Alpha Media Group know they have a RACIST that works for them!" said Lorenzo Lerma.

"The cheese has slipped off his cracker," cracked Ezzy Thomas.

Some heaped shame on KNZR for choosing ratings over integrity.

One woman said she left a message for the station manager saying she will no longer be listening.

Last spring, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood suspended McKay's permit to carry a concealed firearm after the radio personality admitted he went too far with a post on social media when he wrote, in part, "I am about to go mid-evil on somebody's ass. I am getting pretty damned fed up and getting ready to open a 30 round mag on you people."

McKay said at the time he was simply "talking smack," and was not threatening to harm anyone. But he acknowledged it was a mistake.

"That was stupid and beyond the pale," he told a TBC Media reporter.

Two messages left for KNZR General Manager Mary Lou Gunn were not immediately returned Friday.

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All you perpetually offended people need to get off the high horse already. Many, many in the media are continually calling white people Nazi's. Well, I for one am not offended, that's your opinion of us cracker, gringo, slavers. Get over it. I grew up in the barrio of El Monte and I learned the non-word "s**c' from my Hispanic/Latino schoolmates. It is a shortened version of Hispanic. Though I never used it when referring to my friends, they did call each other that.
All offended please herd yourselves elsewhere, you were never listeners of his anyway. And that Chadman, huh, I thought better of him.


Rhonda, unfortunately, I have to deconstruct your feeble attempt to defend a racist and xenophobic rant by Jazz. First, your empirical evidence serves not as a defense to your position(that people are overly sensitive) but rather as a support for racism. Your statement is so entangled in confusion that you cannot understand the difference. You don’t agree? Allow me to explain. I had many African American friends growing up who called themselves a certain word. The word was adapted in slang terms of course. Even if it was acceptable for me to use it, the argument here relates to the racist term being used while explicitly targeting speaking a specific cultural group! Get real! We will NEVER get over racist sympathizers as yourself. No! We are staying out and defending ourselves over the radicalization of certain groups in America. We are awake to the realities of our current socioeconomic environment. Enjoy your retirement. We still have to fight against the GOP for the basics: healthcare, Medicare, social security, and education.


So just because there are derogatory names/words for every race, it's okay to use the words? How about people using those words be called out so that they cycle does not repeat to our children. Sheesh.


how many of you people have used the term "okie" or "gringo"? stop complaining and quit whining about everything...


What an ignorant comment. It doesn’t matter how the public speaks. What matters is that it is unacceptable for a radio station to employ known racists and bigots. Feeble attempt to sympathize for Racist Jazz when in the video, Racist Jazz yells out against Radio stations for playing anything other than country or rock. What a fascist ideology! He trolled ethnic radio stations while drunk and then used the same four letter word the president used to describe them. If you defend his racist four letter word that begins with SP, then state it openly so you can get called out and banned.


There are plenty of racists in this town to keep his show. He's a nitwit, and so are his listeners.


It's unfortunate when so much conservative expression gets wrapped up in such an ugly thought process. Thinking that it's OK to disparage people who don't look like the speaker is narrow minded and reflects a willful embrace of an immoral and unethical mindset. It's inexcusable, bigoted and reflects willful ignorance!


According to his comments, Jazz is a racist xenophobic scum! The citizens of Kern County must heal from their xenophobic and bigoted past. The fact is Jazz is a blatant racist! No apology is acceptable. He needs to be fired! Anyone who makes excuses for him is a biased liar. We live in a world where everyone is lying and denying because our President does the same. Let us grow and heal from this malignant disease that past generations fought wars over.


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my goodness whats wrong with his nose geez!!!!!!


I listen occasionally and call in & email...but don't do facebook. Reading comments here, is FOS alive jeopardy? Facebook (private sites?) has banned a Jon Voight Roe v. Wade Movie, so facebook has other problems. If Jaz 'slipped' on attitude, many comments here have not. “Racist" is a 'six-letter word'.

My G'Daughter is a universal mix of English, French, German, Scotch, Irish, Filipino, Chinese, and Hispanic (all have 'nicknames') & an A++ student (both first & last name euro) with an A++ boyfriend ( first name irish & last spanish--NASCAR hero). Ethnic jokes are legion (think 'Polish') as are smoke-filled backrooms and facebook and twitter have become.

With a classical music background my instincts follow suit for listening, but I also have everything from Mozart to "The Birds" and it doesn't bother me a bit since my generation was called "Silent"(?)! No more! Worked with all types and I'm uncomfortable with any abusive slurs, especially from those who 'accuse'...using the same 'slurs' within their own ethno-social groups…and mine.

I like subtitles on all foreign movies of public broad-cast, and would like radio to have alternate language translations to verify comments. Jose Feliciano? Both language song versions—XETRA or KNZR…beautiful! A hero! Sat. and cable are different and not 'formatted to fit your screen' for size or language…nor is the internet. If Jaz were in Rock Springs WY, neither he nor we would be complaining.

I have opinions and biases, but predominately and rigidly against 'cultural stupidity'.


Your fluff piece defending racism is typical of a stagnated and antiquated ideology. Yes, Facebook is a privately owned corporation where nothing is private and data is collected for profit. The differentiation between Public behavior and a for-profit business allows the public to dissent upon the corporation when it racially targets a cultural group. If the corporation knowingly employs racists, then it by default, supports racists. Jazz is a radio host who should have kept his comments to himself or in the “smoke-filled back rooms. For you to be fed up with hearing slurs among ethnic groups represents that you agree that Jazz should be fired since regular and decent human beings believe racial slurs should not be made by a public figure. He messed up, and deserves the consequences. And lastly, your fascist ideology is plainly representative of the very hypocrisy you breed. To want a society founded for people with only your ideals is closely related to wanted a white ethno state. Now I see where you are coming from. You implied defense to racism seems to show a deeper rooted concern for racial compatibility. I had to break down your malignant rhetoric because it was so entangled in fear. Of course you would support a racist because you just implied you, yourself, are sympathetic to one. You know, about not complaining about his racist public comments. Indeed, cultural stupidity is alive and well.


Someone who feels okay with coming out with that kind of stuff publicly has got to be feeling it deep down inside........Shame on you Jaz.


Never heard of him but will definitely tune in now.


I stopped listening to him a long time ago because of his hateful speech.
It's time we honor those who honor the English language by filling our air ways with voices that have mastered the English language not back alley garbage talk..


Some of you guys are slow. I figured out long ago that all local talk show host, both conservative and liberal, are race baiters That's why I no longer listen to these idiots.

Farrout this is how you handle it... video from Bill Maher show with Ice Cube ... have a panel on your show and grow together as friends


Jaz said sorry... it was on Facebook live ... 10 viewers not the radio... Jaz should turn this into a positive... have Hispanic leaders on his show and talk about the community and events and racism... Bill Maher didn't get fired from HBO after the N word incident but he apologized and had major figures from the black community on his show to talk about it... He should have a panel of Hispanics on his show... and make friends and help the Hispanic community... and promote events


There's forgiveness and there's repentence. One is what you ask for and the other is how you show your sincerity. I think McKay needs to offer some big repentence to go along with what he's asking for. How about an honest discussion on his airwaves regarding the merits of a clean DACA bill, especially since so many of our Kern County Youth are deserving of it?


He has been getting away with this for years in different forms. He calls women “dykes”, he hates all Democrats, libtards, and seems to parrot the Savage Nation, and his other hero seems to be the leader of Infowars. It is time for him to go back under his rock.

Tony Tee

Jazper McKay sounds like he had too many Tequilas and Coors.
Hope he gets a stay of execution. He needs to make the payments on his Buick.
Picking wine grapes for Giumarra Vineyards is about the only thing available that he qualifies for.

Adios Casper. Que te valla bien. Buena Suerte


Say bye bye to your $#!+ show jaz McGay you racist phookk

Hopefully you have a heart attack the next time a racist comment comes out of your mouth
🙂 Hope EVERYONE else is having a great day


Your hilarious, condemn him for a slur made while drunk, then wish a heart attack on him.


What a feeble and sly attempt to exonerate Jazz of his racist comment made when trolling ethnic radio stations. What ever Dat stated takes NOTHING away from the fact that Jazz is a RACIST! The proof is out there BUD. You can admit it or deny it but the fact remains. He needs to be fired. If you excuse his racism because of alcohol, then you are a racist sympathizer which by default makes you a racist. God bless you! You clearly NEED it. Jesus help us all.

Julie Ann

Removed from my dial. This is what happens when our leaders don’t condemn hateful words: others are emboldened to use them.



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