More than a dozen students were suspended, and at least two were arrested and sent to Juvenile Hall this week after a brawl broke out at North High, school officials confirmed to The Californian.

The fight Wednesday was one of at least eight that took place at both Centennial and North high schools this week, district officials said, prompting extra security to be put in place Friday.

“It was very, very calm today,” North High School Principal Mark Balch said.

But Wednesday was another story.

As two students were passing each other in the hallway, one challenged the other to a fight, Balch said. They began to exchange blows when safety officers broke them up within a few moments.

Then as a safety officer was escorting one boy away in the quad, a third boy shouted, “I heard you got into it in C Hall,” referring to a building on campus. That’s when the first boy broke away from the safety officer and began fighting with the third boy, Balch said.

From there, multiple students got involved. Balch described it as “a larger than normal fight.”

More than a dozen students were suspended and won’t return until after the Thanksgiving break. At least two students were arrested and taken to Juvenile Hall, Balch said. One of them took a swing at a campus safety officer.

“We’re not going to tolerate that,” Balch said.

Another student fight was reported Thursday at North High, according to an after-hours email provided by Lisa Krch, spokeswoman for the school district. No other details were immediately available.

It’s also unclear whether students were suspended at Centennial High, where at least five fights broke out Wednesday and Thursday. District officials did not return a call to The Californian seeking comment.

There were no fights reported Friday at either school. Both Centennial and North had additional security and KHSD police on campus to ensure student and staff safety, according to Krch's email. 

At North High, campus safety officers, a dean, two assistant principals and the on-campus police officer reviewed any recordings they could gather to determine if all students involved were identified.

Balch said he’s unsure of what caused the fight or whether it’s connected to recent skirmishes at Centennial, even as multiple media outlets have reported rumors that fights were racially motivated.

“I have no idea what sparked it,” Balch said. “That’s the part we can’t figure out. We’re trying to understand what this was. Was there a deeper meaning behind this?”

When those students involved in the fight do return to campus, they’ll take part in a restorative circle, part of the district’s adoption of a newly adopted disciplinary system called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.

Before the two students who instigated the fight come back to school, they’ll sit down in a room together, talk out their problems and create an agreement, Balch said.

“We don’t want to take students on suspension for fighting return without having intervention,” Balch said. “In the meantime, we’re making sure the issues don’t persist.”

Debbie Sacks, an educational consultant with Collaborative Learning Solutions, which has assisted the district in its transition to a restorative practice model, said she’s seen students who have come to blows before take part in such restorative circles and that it’s not uncommon for them to resolve their conflicts.

“The ultimate goal is to bring kids to restoration and create a calm and safe environment on campus and work with the kids to let them know they probably have more in common than they think,” Balch said. “There’s probably more common ground to find working together than to continue fighting.”

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the truth is that CHS had 7 fights on Wed and 4 on Thurs .. multiple fights at the same time ... and huge crowds of unruly kids egging them on .. kids down and kicked in the head, one lost his front teeth, multiple staff members assaulted while trying to break up the fights .. maybe not a true riot, but close ... KHSD loves to cover stuff up dont they? cmon media deep deep and let parents what is really goin


My brother was one of the kids fighting in C hallway as school officals call it on wednesday there was a race riot between blacks and whites i hear hispanics was fighting along side the blacks against the whites, but as the mini riot broke out my brother was playing tag football on the field he noticed kids running toward the fight so he started running to cause he seen other people running so find out it was a race riot. So thursday my brother and his friend where walking down the hallway and this kid was walking up talking smack saying yall b.....s yall jumped my friend and or cousin yesterday my brother told this guy we werent even there but since tensions where still high from the day before on this guys part and other students parts he wanted to fight any black kid so anyways this guy whom i here is a bully hes 6'5 a little taller then my bro started pushing on the littliest one out the 2 which he friend in the video did not want to fight mind u the guy still saying things to my bro at the same time so he challenged my bro and my bro didnt back down cause the guy not only was starting more racial issues but he also at the same time was bullying my bros friend which his friend is not even 6ft tall small boy. Moving on my bro and him from the video i seen socked each other in the face at the exact same time but my brothers sock had more of a kick to it and the boy fell he stood up and tried to hit the first person he seen and u can see in the video he was dazed so him and my bro started fighting again and it was broke up. So they took the boy away on the quad and thats when a kid thats friends with my bro told him i heard u got knocked the f out. Thats when the boy jumped off the quad and started fighting the kid who was teasing him thats kids friends was around as well and the other students started fighting each other. But this isnt the first time my brother has been in a racially motivated incident this was the 2nd one. So the school contacting my sister and she picked him up and they told my sister to keep him home today because it might basically be more racial drama today my Mom really didnt understand why he had to stay home since he didnt start it but she kept him home just for him to be on his way home from anthonys liquor on chester and day st he gets to the beginning of the park and a car pulls up asking him if hes eric but of course they now the video is on the internet so my brother says yes and continues to ride my nephews bike home and the car bumps the bike on purpose knocking my brother off the bike 7 white men/teenagers got out and said this is for jumping my cousin and beat my brother luckily a passer by that knows my bro stopped and helped my bro fighting the guys off thats when my bros friends whom where all playing basketball started running towards him and some of the attackers ran on foot and some drove off in the car they came my bro remembers them bumping the bike and beating him but he said when the door opened to the car the driver had a gun in his car so if that man didnt stop it i could have been left brotherless. My brother is black but we are of mixed race having a white mother. So i know my bro will never start any racial problems with no race he hangs with everyone. I fear for his safety. Oh yes let me tell you about the first racial conflict i seen the video dont know really what it was about but the boy dont like blacks i guess and called my brother the N word and my brother beat him up. The school called my Mom and apologized to her cause my brother mind u is not a saint but has made great change and been doing ok. So the next thing u know which my mom just told me about was the boys friend whoms a white girl said my brother sexually harrassed her they school question her did an investigation i guess and determined that the girl her story wasnt matching up but tell me why is it on my brothers school record. My brother is not that type of kid to do anything to a girl like that. I dont even think the girl got punished for lying


@campus supervisior the school needs to tell the childrens parents the truth. My brother now has a black eye scraps on knees etc its not gonna be over til the truth surfaces. I heard the dean came up to the park on friday after my brother was jumped kids posted her pic to snapchat. But they still gonna act like nothing happened.


CHS had 8 cops and 8 security guards on campus Thursday and the kids still acted like a riot mob .. 2 bad fights too


and approximately one half of the CHS school population stayed home Friday ... hmmm
parents should be outraged and demand some new leadership at the KHSD

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