Here's how local school district races have shaped up overnight. The latest results were posted by Kern County Elections just after 2 a.m. Wednesday. It is unclear how many mail-in and provisional ballots remain uncounted.

Kern High School District

Incumbent Jeff Flores is the apparent winner in Area 2 with 67 percent of the vote to challenger M. Dayle Record's 33 percent.

The Area 3 race is closer with challenger David F. Manriquez holding a six-point lead over incumbent Joey O’Connell, who is the current board vice president. Manriquez has 53 percent of the vote to O'Connell's 47 percent. The seat includes a wide swath that includes Shafter, Independence, Golden Valley and Arvin high schools. 

The Kern High School District serves nearly 42,000 students in Kern County.

Bakersfield City School District

In one of the most high-profile school board races, Shannon Zimmerman holds a solid 500-vote lead over Brooke Malley Ault in the Area 5 race, a seat vacated by trustee Fred Haynes. Zimmerman has 38 percent of the vote, while Malley Ault has 26 percent, Ian Journey has 15 percent and Bethany Bachman has 11 percent. Johnitta Clemons dropped out of the race but has 9 percent of the vote.

Area 3 challenger Chris Cruz-Boone appears poised for victory, with 55 percent of the vote against incumbent and current board president Ralph Anthony with 45 percent of the vote.

Lillian Tafoya holds a strong lead on the seat she's held since 1996 in Area 1 with 55 percent of the vote to challenger Michael Eggert's 45 percent.

In Area 4, Laura Guerrero-Salgado is the clear leader with 54 percent of the vote. Her challenger Miguel Juarez Sr. has 29 percent of the votes and Ben Valdez Jr. has 18 percent.

BCSD is the largest K-8 district in the state with more than 30,000 students, and its board had the most potential for turnover this election. Four of five seats on the board were contested by 11 candidates in Tuesday's election.

Panama-Buena Vista School District

Bryan Easter, incumbent J.P. Lake and Paula Van Auken are the leaders for three open seats in Area 2. Easter has 19 percent of votes, and Lake and Van Auken both had 17 percent. Van Auken previously said she had dropped out of the race.  

They are trailed by Zack Bashirtash (14 percent), Tom Webster (9 percent), Mike Tann (5 percent) and Muosadak Abbas (3 percent).

Rosedale Union School District

Laurel Sheffield leads six contenders, all newcomers, for one seat on the board with 30 percent of the vote. She is trailed by Joshua Porter with 25 percent, Gary Kraucyk with 16 percent, David Eggers with 13 percent, Gabe Garcia had 9 percent and Rosa Lara Rios with 7 percent.

Sheffield leads Porter by more than 600 votes.