Mike Williams is the KHSD Area 1 trustee.

In the wake of last week’s mass school shooting in Florida, Kern High School District Trustee Mike Williams is calling on state legislators to reverse a bill passed last year that revoked local superintendents abilities to allow Concealed Carry Weapon permit holders to bring firearms on public school campuses — a move he contends makes schools less safe.

In a Facebook post Williams wrote Friday that has been shared more than 1,600 times, he criticized “Democrats in Sacramento and Governor [Jerry] Brown” for preventing KHSD from allowing teachers to carry firearms on campus.

Williams could not be reached for comment on this story.

The Kern High School District board of trustees passed two gun-related policies in 2016. The first allowed non-employee CCW permit holders to carry firearms on campus after securing a $1 million insurance policy — 26 people signed up. The second policy authorized teachers holding CCW permits to bring firearms onto campus after undergoing specialized training — no teachers have been authorized.

Those policies were passed under an exception made in the state Gun-Free School Zone Act that allowed superintendents to grant CCW permit holders permission to carry firearms on campus.

KHSD was among a handful of districts to allow firearms on campus.

Williams and other trustees championed those policies as a pathway to making KHSD schools safer since it would no longer be considered a “gun-free zone,” which mass shooters have targeted in the past.

Scores of community members disagreed, attending meetings that, at times, turned heated and calling on trustees to abandon a plan they said would make students feel less safe.

Then, after the policies attracted the attention of Democratic legislators, a bill was passed in 2017 removing the superintendent’s exemption.

It made moot a months-long, at-times-overwrought debate over whether KHSD would allow teachers to be armed, and the 26 non-employees authorized by KHSD to carry concealed firearms on campus had their rights revoked.

“I proudly championed this policy and voted yes along with trustees Phillip Peters and Chad Vegas,” Williams wrote in his Feb. 16 Facebook post, which rekindled the school gun debate in the comments section. “Call your local CA state senator and assembly person (especially Democrats) and tell them to allow teachers with a CCW permit and special training to be allowed to carry on campus.”

The local board policies passed in 2016 allowing firearms on KHSD campuses have not yet been rewritten to reflect new state laws, Williams said.

Some have questioned whether keeping those policies in place would constitute a violation of state law.

Nikki Moore, a first-amendment lawyer with the California News Publishers Association, said that it likely wouldn’t put KHSD out of compliance unless it was acting upon the policy by permitting teachers to carry on campus.

“It’s not unlawful per se to have an unlawful law on the books,” Moore said. “It’s just about the enforcement or enactment of those laws. It’s not a standing violation.”

Harold Pierce covers education and health for The Californian. He can be reached at 661-395-7404. Follow him on Twitter @RoldyPierce

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I see some liberals on here. They will never get it. I could get a gun on the street in seconds. When will you liberals wake up? If teachers do carry. They will get training. That is a must. How blind can liberals be. Bakersfield use to not have sniveling non thinking logical liberals. Times have changed. Crying in their own ignorance. Is easy to get a gun and it is very easy to go to a hardware store and make a gun. Get educated liberals. You many learn something. So many comments is laughable. Liberals need to go. You have ruined Ca. enough.


Nothing like turning our schools into the Wild Wild West or perhaps a prison. How did the good people of Bakersfield vote in so many ill advised humans??


I agree with Mike. Either let the teachers carry if they feel comfortable doing so and change the signs on the fence in the front of the school from gun free zone to this school is heavily armed.


So government employees dont have random drug tests, like most major employers do, and we are giving them what?

Its bad enough they “educate” our children.


If they do this. They will have random drug tests. This I do know. Great point. They don't now.


What does liberal have to do with it? Most Americans think its the stupid idea it is. Trained police officers in shooting actions miss their targets at a great rate, even within 10 feet. Do you want guys like Fremont Vice Principal Vincent
Brothers or former East High cross country coach Chic Fero packing on campus? They were pillars of the community. The first killed his entire family over an affair with another school employee, and the second shot his Supervisor 5 times in the head for a bad evaluation. Adultery and other emotional confrontations happen all the time on campuses. Trained Sheriffs didn't even go in at Parkland. It's a monumentally STUPID idea, that no Teachers Union, or Police Chiefs, or any Law Enforcement Analysts want.


I don't want somebody that has the lowest "permit" to carry a firearm in our schools "protecting" our children. If we are going to do this, do it right.
Demand that they all have POST training at the very least. Provide teachers with he weapons and the training and the follow up monthly or quarterly qualifying that all peace officers must go through.
Oh but first, they must go through all the same testing and evaluations like psychology exams and the Basic Training Academy training to be sure they know first -how to evaluate a situation, determine if there are one or more shooters, de-escalate a situation, how to look at background while calmly acquiring a target, then do what is so hard to do, take a life. Then after they have killed th eother human, which goes against human nature and must be trained into us all, the teachers must all calm the students in a professional manner.
We can also pay the teachers what they are worth, as teachers AND trained officers, say about $180,000 a year which is the average for both combined>
We can't afford pencils and paper. We refuse to pay teacher their worth now! You will not want to fund the training and it will be next to impossible to find qualified teachers that also want to carry weapons.
If you ask them to carry weapons with no training and let's face the truth, a CCW does not qualify anybody to protect another, it is a NOTHING permit. It does nothing but allow somebody to carry a weapon.

Martha Elias

Absolutely true. Williams is nuts.


Police statistically have the lowest hit rate per shots fired than active shooters in any environment. The major difference the police targets are moving typically. The active shooter who enters a soft target, gun free zone is in a target rich environment where his victims are huddled in a corner or cowering under a desk as the shooters meticulously take their time and execute our children. A teacher who has voluntarily accepted the responsibility of carrying at school and completed a rigorous training that should be required to be repeated annually would be the last best hope these innocents would have in the event a lunatic active shooter showed up on the school site.


School districts cannot even provide their teachers with crayons, kleenex, etc., but this guy thinks that they can somehow come up with the money for guns and training. Also, if teachers are armed, how can law enforcement tell the good guys from the bad if there is an active shooter situation? Armed teachers or any significant armed personnel on campus will result in more deaths not fewer. Also, kids should be able to go to school without feeling like if they complain about a bad grade or get in a scuffle they could get shot by an overzealous/stressed teacher (and we've all had those teachers who were one stressor away from doing something horrible).

Martha Elias

No kidding, this is a crazy idea.


oh 4 Gods Sake....arm them with what?


Vote this guy out of office at the next opportunity.

Martha Elias

YES! Please!!! He’s coming up for re-election this year.


Arm a Teacher, Save a Child

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