Sixth-grade students from San Lauren Elementary and their teacher took second place this month in the 2018 Cal Water H20 Challenge for their work to protect the local watershed, state officials announced.

With the help of their teacher, Julie Moore, students researched what a watershed is, why it’s important and how humans can both harm and protect it. They also invited a guest speaker from the Water Association of Kern County to reinforce their knowledge, then visited a local watershed at The Park at Riverwalk to clean the area and collect and test water and soil samples.

The kids created three public service announcements, held puppet shows to engage younger students and designed an informational brochure and website to help educate their peers and the community about protecting watersheds.

“We are inspired by the creativity and hard work of Mrs. Moore’s class,” Ken Jenkins, Cal Water director of drought management and conservation. “We are well served when future generations build this foundation and engage in water issues, so together we can improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.”

Moore said the challenge had far-reaching impacts on her and other students’ learning and understanding their role in watershed protection.

“Our class feels like they have had a huge impact on the students in our school. We have seen more students picking up their trash, and there is less litter on our campus. Other students who saw our program have also commented to us that they have talked to their parents about it and shown them the brochure, website and videos.”

Mazzei family donates $500,000 to CSUB

Longtime Cal State Bakersfield supporter Angelo Mazzei announced this month he would donate $500,000 to support the university’s proposed Energy and Engineering Innovation Center.

The Energy and Engineering Innovation Center will be a state-of-the-art facility that supports modern, high-impact practices in teaching; cutting-edge, collaborative, interdisciplinary research; and community outreach and partnerships.

The 53,000-square-foot building will house the Department of Physics and Engineering; the California Energy Research Center (CERC); CERC-affiliated student-faculty research; the Fab Lab (an advanced digital-fabrication laboratory); and the School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering Office of Grants and Outreach, as well as much-needed teaching laboratories, student-faculty research labs, and a 240-seat auditorium and event space accessible the entire university.

“What motivated us (Angelo, Mary and Celia) to financially support the expansion and construction of the Energy and Engineering Innovation Center was the need for an increase in the quantity of qualified engineers in our local workforce,” Angelo Mazzei said. “The coupling of STEM programs with hands-on activities through teaching labs is a motivating factor for students to embrace and expand their learning experiences.”

CSUB President Horace Mitchell described the Mazzeis as “very forward-looking.”

“A major need is to continue the growth of STEM programs at CSUB and also to increase the facilities available for teaching and research. Their contribution is a significant lead gift in our efforts to raise additional funds to support construction of the Energy and Engineering Innovation Center, which is the next academic project that the campus has forwarded to the Board of Trustees. It is on their priority list. Construction of the Center will be contingent on the acquisition of significantly more community support as well as the use of designated campus resources which, together, will reduce the cost of the building to the CSU Board of Trustees.”

Mazzei founded the Mazzei Injector Corporation in 1978 and serves as the company’s Chairman/CEO. The company, founded in 1978, has set industry standards for innovation and technology ever since. Known worldwide for its design and manufacture of fluid mixing and contacting technologies, the company provides systems and components for municipal and industrial water and wastewater, the agricultural market, the pool/spa market and wine industries.

Angelo Mazzei has received several patents in the area of fluid processing equipment. Two of the patents are on the injection of air into water for subsurface irrigation to significantly increase crop production. He also has presented several scientific papers at conferences worldwide.

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