Crossing Guards

John Fowler walks students across the street to school in this file photo.

Plenty of drivers might be used to whizzing by school zones during the summertime when school isn’t in session, but starting this week, they might get an unpleasant surprise.

The Bakersfield Police Department is stepping up enforcement in school zones this week as thousands of kids get ready to head back to the classroom.

To raise awareness, BPD released a public service announcement on its webpage about pedestrian awareness, warning walkers to look both ways before crossing the street.

City workers have tried to ease traffic issues by taking on maintenance projects during summer months rather than during the school year, including road paving on California Avenue across from Bakersfield High School.

Meanwhile, a new student drop-off will be completed before school starts at Bakersfield High, but another one won’t be complete until mid-September, according to district spokeswoman Lisa Krch.

One of four parking lots will not yet be paved, either, Krch said. 

"They had had similar issues last year with solar panel installation and at least one parking lot was out of commission for the entire semester. This is something staff, students, and parents have dealt with before on campus," Krch said. 

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