Navigating through higher education is difficult on its own, but it's especially confusing and stressful for undocumented students, and even more so if they don't have anyone they can turn to.

"It was difficult to navigate just because you didn't know what scholarships you could apply to or financial aid you could do," explained Cal State Bakersfield senior Valeria Veliz. "It was just pure FAFSA that was just for citizens."

There was no physical structure available on campus where she could seek resources and advice from, while also knowing she was safe to do so.

Her outlook on education eventually changed once she was approved for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. She received her work permit and better understood which scholarships were available for her.

Other students are not so lucky to be approved for the program, but that doesn't mean they'll be on their own during their educational journey. With the grand opening of the CSUB Dreamers Resource Center on Tuesday, undocumented and mixed status family students have a safe place on campus to ask questions and seek programs and services that help support their inclusion, retention and graduation.

Around 50 students, faculty and staff members gathered outside the new center, located near residence hall Rohan, to celebrate "one for the history books," as CSUB President Lynnette Zelezny described it.

The initiative to establish a Dreamers Resource Center began soon after Zelezny’s appointment in 2018. At the time, CSUB was one of eight CSU campuses that did not have a Dreamers Resource Center. 

During the past year, the university worked to gather input from the campus community about services and programs necessary for students, locating a space on campus and hiring a Dreamers Resource Center and Multicultural Alliance and Gender Equity Center coordinator. CSUB alumna Hilda Nieblas was selected for the role.

The center will offer legal services to undocumented students and their family members, she explained. It will also serve as a safe space for students.

"It speaks volumes of the university and what we’re trying to accomplish as a whole — to be more diverse and inclusive — and also that every student has an equitable opportunity to education, regardless of their legal status," Nieblas said. "If I can impact one student a day, that’s one student that will be able to use our resources to navigate CSUB."

The number of undocumented or mixed status family — a family whose members include people with different citizenship or immigration statuses — students at CSUB is unknown since the university does not collect those numbers.

Nieblas also hopes to introduce education services for the campus community at large and identify other resources that are vital for students through discussions.

Though her time is almost done at CSUB, Veliz said it's a great feeling knowing other students will have a place available on campus where they can find help for themselves and their families. 

"This center brings that sense of support and acknowledgement to all of our students that we exist," Veliz said. "Having a safe space where you feel like OK, maybe I’m not safe in the cafeteria where (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) could probably come in, but you know you have certified people here who can actually back you up and put themselves in the front line."

"It sends a very clear message of what we value at CSUB: we value collaboration, we value our students and supporting them and we value being an inclusive campus where all students feel that they belong," Zelezny said.

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Sorry, but I don't support any lawbreakers, whether caused by the parents, or others.


What happens to all of them when the Court rules they are illegal aliens and have to return to Mexico...who is no going to justify the money spent?


I wonder if Mexico would do the same thing for Guatemalan or Belize born citizens trapped in Mexico because they were taken to Mexico Illegally as minors? Would Mexico allow them to stay and give them a free college education? Would France do the same thing for Moroccan or Egyptian born citizens who were taken to France illegally as minors? Why are liberal Americans so bent on forcing all Americans to pay for special services of people who were brought here illegally. The children of criminal parents who happen to be legal citizens don't receive these special benefits. All these people who were brought here illegally must get in line for citizenship like everyone else. The should go through the process of getting a green card and start working to become citizens. They should not be eleigible for in-state tuition rates or financial aid. They can enroll in state universities but they should have to pay the same rate an out-of-state student pays. This will incentivize them to get the paperwork done and become a citizen. This "dreamer" nonsense is just another example of crying "poor me" in order to end run the process. Are these people the only "dreamers" in America? No! So why should they get special treatment?


This info from the article is telling, "The number of undocumented or mixed status family — a family whose members include people with different citizenship or immigration statuses — students at CSUB is unknown since the university does not collect those numbers." Well, why not? Imagine telling the IRS, "I'm sorry but I can't tell you how much money I earn off the books. I don't keep track of those numbers".


Oh yes, let's spend more money supporting illegal aliens and not address issues effecting legal citizens.


Cal State professors are some of the highest expenditures in the cal pers system. They are extremely overpaid for the time they actually put in. Now illegal students are being given access to the free ride education that is being paid for by the hard working barely making middle class students and their parents. This is ridiculous. If you look across the nation most enrollees in higher education degrees are some type of dreamers (which is about to go away = illegal) or some type of refugee. And why is that because the liberals are more interested in helping them than the citizens that pay their bloated wages. It can’t and won’t last forever.


That's nice, we all need a place in Bakersfield. let help the homeless and elderly as well.


Meanwhile Bakersfield, your local U.S. Veterans share a building with former convicts (Project Rebound) at CSUB. Disgusted with CSUB!

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