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In this file photo, which was taken in 2014, David Marcus, center, has started his second battle with cancer with a positive attitude and a "Thumbs Up for David Marcus" Facebook page.

President Donald Trump has recorded a video message of encouragement for Bakersfield resident David Marcus, who is in hospice care after multiple bouts of cancer, and is known locally for his devoted fandom of Centennial High School athletics.

U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy posted the video to Twitter in an attempt to encourage Marcus, who has reportedly beaten cancer six times before entering hospice care.

"David Marcus, I’ve heard incredible things about you from Kevin McCarthy. I hear you are absolutely a special man, you’re strong, you’re brave. Just keep up that good fight," Trump said. "You’re gonna be winning. There’s no doubt about it. You’re gonna be winning. I’ve heard all about you. Good luck."

Marcus, 60, has been attending Centennial sporting events for about a decade. Although he is not a Centennial graduate, he gravitated to the school because of a niece who played basketball for the Golden Hawks.

"The life of a teenager is not always rosey, but he brings a smile to our kids' faces every time they see him," Centennial athletic director Tom Haskell said. "They appreciate the unwavering support he gives them. It's good for the kids to see in someone's eyes that they cannot do anything wrong."

Marcus is also a supporter of the League of Dreams, the local sports league for people with disabilities.

"You can't afford to complain about your day when he's around," Haskell said. "You see him walking around in 100-degree heat one day and chemo the next day. He never stops. I would love to have his energy because he never gives up. That's the best for our kids. He never gives."

On Friday, Marcus posted on his Facebook page that he was doing and is home for optimal hospice care.

Marcus certainly has a lot of local support. Within hours of posting Trump’s message on his Facebook page Friday, he received hundreds of likes, and numerous comments wishing him well.

“There is no question that David is a fighter — his herculean show of strength has been nothing short of extraordinary and we can all draw inspiration from how he has tackled this terrible disease,” McCarthy said. “I want David to know we are all cheering him on. A big thank you to President Trump for taking the time to send David — who is a big fan of his — a personalized message of encouragement.”

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