Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza in Wasco has been closed by the Kern County Public Health Department for unapproved methods of storing food. 

The pizza store, located on 842 7th St., was using ice and dry-ice to keep food below 41 degrees after the walk-in refrigerator stopped working. According to the health inspector, staff reported that the refrigerator had not worked since Sunday. 

By using dry-ice to keep the food cold, the employees created a health and safety hazard issue for customers, according to the health department. 

The store received a score of 65 percent. A score of 75 or below mandates closure.

Under the health department's scoring system, 90 to 100 points is an A; 80 to 90 is a B; and 75 to 80 is a C, requiring re-inspection seven days later to ensure improved food handling practices and overall food facility maintenance and sanitation.

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