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Dolores Huerta Foundation protests impending KHSD gun vote

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Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta spoke out Monday against an impending decision by the Kern High School District Board of Trustees to allow staff to carry guns on campus. 

Members of the Dolores Huerta Foundation Monday protested an impending decision by the Kern High School District board of trustees that would allow employees to carry guns on campus. 

The decision, which has been put off for months, would be an extension of an earlier decision this year allowing non-employee concealed carry weapon permit holders to bring their guns onto high school campuses. 

A vote on the matter was not on the agenda Monday night. 

Before Monday's board meeting, Huerta said the decision works contrary to something the state of California and Gov. Jerry Brown have been working to establish: better school climate. 

"I can't think of anything less welcoming to students than having guns in classrooms," Huerta said, calling on board members to rescind the policy they passed allowing non-employees to carry firearms on campus. 

The $1 million insurance policy the district requires for non-employees to carry firearms is not enough, Huerta added. 

"I don't think KHSD needs any more lawsuits against them. You've already lost quite a lot," Huerta said. 

Others, including a KHSD counselor, said the district needs to focus more on educating kids and less on whether to allow guns in schools. 

"The Kern High School District should be focusing on creating a climate in our schools where we focus on results — not a hostile environment," said Josh Stenner, a member of Faith in the Valley Kern. 

Trustees told audience members that they aren't making a decision haphazardly, and have tasked administrators with researching the matter extensively. 

"We've directed administration to really study the facts and put together a group of people and bring the issues from a lot of different viewpoints," Trustee President Mike Williams said. 

It's unclear when the vote on arming teachers, which months ago was scheduled this fall but has been pushed back, will take place. 

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