Costco parking lot

A photo of the Costco parking lot at 3800 Rosedale Highway. A woman, described by police as transient, was found dead Sunday morning from a possible dog attack.

An unidentified woman may have died in a dog attack early Sunday morning in the Costco parking lot at 3800 block of Rosedale Highway, the Bakersfield Police Department reported.

Officers arrived at the scene at 6:12 a.m. and found a woman "suffering from obvious trauma," according to a news release. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman was described by police as transient.

BPD said that whatever caused her death occurred several hours before they arrived on the scene.

The cause of death is still unknown at this time, and the dog attack may not have been the cause of death but an event that exacerbated whatever caused the death, police said. BPD said there were three dogs involved, two of which belonged to a local business about a block away. The third was a stray dog.

Two of the dogs were pit bull terriers and one was a mixed breed, BPD said. 

"This is an extremely, extremely rare occurrence," said BPD Public Information Officer Nathan McCauley, adding that there aren't packs of dogs roaming around Bakersfield hunting people. 

The dogs were brought to animal control, and the man who owned the two dogs surrendered them. All three dogs are expected to be euthanized, and one of the business owner's dogs was already euthanized for being outwardly violent, BPD said.

The owner of the two dogs was cooperative and surrendered the dogs to BPD. It is unknown if the dogs were up to date on their vaccinations or if the dogs were physically abused, neglected or trained for fighting purposes. 

Multiple businesses surround Costco, some of which have jagged fences and openings in the fencing. It is unknown at which business the dogs resided and who the dog owner is, including if the owner had any previous citations for his dogs or a criminal record pertaining to animal abuse or neglect. 

The dogs are being held at Bakersfield Animal Care Center.

The identity of the victim will be released by the Kern County Coroner's Office, police said. Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to call Detective Keith Cason at 326-3868 or the department at 327-7111.

Maureen can be reached at (661)395-7491. You can follow her on Twitter @maureenstrode. 

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Pinky Slim

This is such a great idea. Hungry, wild dog packs eating hobos so they are no longer urinating and defacating all over Westchester and shooting up in the bathroom at jack in the box. I'm not afraid to cheer on the wolf pack. I'm sick of watching hobos roll in to town straight from the greyhound bus station and right up my backside when I'm trying to get gas or order food or just breathe. I'm not saying that I'm not compassionate. I am however saying that I'm sick of these junkie hobos from Los Angeles County coming here. Trying to act all hardcore and aggressive panhandling woman and elderly folks. Clearly. What is happening is clearly becoming a real problem. This is right out of blade runner. I'm gonna spray some a-1steak sauce on these hobos and the dogs will find em later tonight. [batman]


Words have meaning. Rare: infrequent, few and far between, scarce. Now, add the qualifier "extremely" to it which makes it "to a very great degree; very". She makes the 21st person to die of a dog attack this year. That means that every 7.38 days a person died of a dog attack aka once a week someone dies of a fatal dog attack. When they speak of school shootings do they say extremely rare? No they don't. There have been 8 school shootings killing 4 people so far in 2019. 1 school shooting every 19.375 days but we are talking about fatalities so that means 1 person has died every 38.75 days from school shootings thus far in 2019. Still not "extremely rare" but more "rare" than a person dying from a dog attack. A person dies every week from a dog attack and every month from a school shooting. That is 4:1. Now, I don't know the number as far as serious dog attacks where the person didn't die but it is still an occurrence as is a gun being brought to school and even if it is discharged in the parking lot, outside of school hours and doesn't hit or injure anyone is still counted as a school shooting. But let's say, on the conservative side, there are at least 3 serious dog attacks per week (seems like more but I will have to try and find those numbers). That means someone is seriously attacked by dog(s) every 1.78 days compared to a school shooting every 19.375 days. Serious dog attacks requiring trauma surgeons, plastic surgeons, life-flights, etc. The media would not use this language in school shootings so why would they use this language in dog attacks when dog attacks are much more common than school shootings?

Fram Smith

I'm old , let me just start out by saying that out front. Wild dog packs are not a new problem. The Romans , and the Spanish in the New World ,use dogs as attack and kill animals to terrorize civilians. In my youth , I lived in a community where rabies was still around. And many wild dogs packs existed due to irresponsible dog owners. Dog attacks were common and people were killed and many more mauled . People who lost loveones were rummered to commit crimes of retaliation. To help make the community safe , every Spring , there were well publicized " Wild Dog Hunts ". Remember , dog packs not only kill and maul people , but livestock as well. So , if your dog wasn't fenced or leashed , it was considered wild and ended up at the dead animal pit at the county dump. It was a simpler time. We handled problems more on our own. We didn't suffer for the actions of fools.


just so many things wrong......the poor transient lady ......alone and dying in the middle of a Costco.....where enjoying...the fruits of the good life....and then these poor dogs being blamed for behavior that probably is the result of living in a world were humans can be less than human...or just irresponsible...or just dense.....its just too easy to blame the breed


Loose dogs roaming the streets of Bakersfield is very common. Also common is dog attacks. My sister was attacked by two Rottweilers one early morning while out on a walk. Needless to say she doesn’t go for walks anymore. There are people who let their dogs out at night to roam the streets – others are homeless. When loose or homeless dogs get into packs they are dangerous. It’s a huge problem!



Harve Morgan

You can tell this BPD Public Information Officer Nathan McCauley that he needs to update his info. Fatalities by dogs are no longer a rare occurrence. Pit bulls and bully breeds are averaging killing a person every 2 weeks or less. They kill beloved pets daily. Bring yourself up to date McCauley, people are dying from the bully breeds.


This is not an "extremely, extremely rare" event". Pit bull attacks happen daily across the US. See for yourself. Google "pit bull attack" and click News. Most of the many daily reported mauling events involve 4-7 figure total bills for injury, trauma, disfigurement, plastic surgery, rehab, and often life flights. Pit Bull is a fighting breed, not a suitable family pet. Google "pit bull history" to understand why. Border collies herd, pointers point, and pit bulls maul by deliberate human design. Pit bulls (and several other bully breeds) are banned in all US Military housing worldwide. Do YouTube "pit bull attack" to see first hand why.


This is not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to Pit Bulls. i can never understand the "macho" allurement of owning one of these animals. I know. i have hear all of the arguments, "our Pit Bull is wonderful with our children" (until they aren't), "my Pit Bull would never bite anyone" (until they do) by the way all dogs will bite given the right circumstance. Consider the following facts, 39 U.S. dog bite-related fatalities occurred in 2017. Pit bulls contributed to 74% (29) of these deaths. Pit bulls make up about 6.5% of the total U.S. dog population. During the 13 year period of 2005-2017, canines killed 433 Americans. Pit bulls were responsible for 284 of those fatalities (66 %) . So a dog breed that makeup only 6.5% of the dogs owned in the United States are responsible for about 2/3's of all dog attack fatalities.


Full moon last night: Werewolf reported to Sheriff’s Dept. on Panama Rd last Thursday. So biz owner is a savage n has rotten dogs around him n his biz—which is likely rotten too. Scuzbag owning human-eating wild animals. If you can’t contain/control your choice of pets— go do jail time. Or the Savage will just get rotten dogs again. Probably will brag on this incident. Hope deceased sued him/her into the dirt. RIP Miss Lady. You didn’t deserve this end. God Bless


Pit bull attacks happen every day. Hundreds of people have been killed by pit bulls, and thousands of people are mauled every year. Thousands of pets each year are killed by pit bulls. Do some research!


My son (16 at the time it happened) was bit by two pit bull terriers in Mountain Vista just a few meters from the Warren Junior high school at around 5 pm in March 2019. We do not know if those were wild dogs or domestics, they may be related somehow.


Excuse me! You are wrong. There are packs of dogs roaming around Bakersfield, a lot of them. And who knows, until it's too late, if they're capable of attacking a person. What a stupid uninformed statement, or just a blatant lie. It infuriates me to read such arrogant BS because it's dangerous to walk anywhere in Bakersfield due to the stray and loose dog population, especially when many of them are pit bulls or pit bull mix.


"An unidentified worm likely died in a dog attack early Sunday morning." Worm? Really? No proofreading on Sundays?


Never thought an attack on a worm would make headlines. Perhaps you should consider EDITING.

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