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The District Attorney's Office announced Tuesday it has filed a lawsuit against Calmini Products, a Bakersfield-based seller and manufacturer of after-market auto parts.

The lawsuit, filed June 21, alleges that Calmini and its related business, California Mini Truck, required upfront payments from customers but would fail to deliver ordered products or refund customers' money. 

“The unscrupulous business practices alleged in the complaint must stop,” said District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer. “Wronged customers deserve restitution, and the defendants must be held accountable for their alleged wrongdoing.”

Customers of Calmini have made numerous complaints to government agencies and the Better Business Bureau, the DA's office said. Generally, customers complained that they would place an order with one of the businesses and pay several hundred dollars or more up front, the DA's office said. After a few weeks passed without receiving the ordered product, the customer would contact the business to inquire about the status of the order, to which an employee would say the product would be shipped soon, the DA's office said.

According to the the DA's office, time would pass and the product would still not arrive. The customer would eventually call the business to cancel their order and have their money refunded. An employee would tell the customer their money would be sent in a few days, but that money would never arrive, the DA's office said.

Steven D. Kramer, the company's owner and chief executive officer, and Justin Michael Reed, an employee and sales manager of the businesses, are also listed on the lawsuit. The lawsuit seeks injunctive relief, restitution, and civil penalties.

The DA's office is asking anyone who thinks they may have been victimized by the company to contact Raelynn Aguayo, Investigator with the DA's office, at 868-5855.

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