Two former Kern County sheriff's deputies who pleaded guilty in federal court last year to conspiring to sell drugs are back in custody following grand jury indictments, according to attorneys and law enforcement. 

Logan August turned himself in Friday afternoon in Bakersfield, his attorney said. He's accused of conspiracy, five counts of second-degree burglary, five counts of selling marijuana, one count of money laundering and three counts of false report by a peace officer, according to the Sheriff's Office website.

All are felonies. He's due in court Tuesday morning. 

And Derrick Penney, who pleaded guilty with August to stealing pot from the Kern County Sheriff's Office storage unit and putting it back on the street, was arrested in Idaho on Thursday evening, according to the Ada County Sheriff's Office website. 

The Kern County District Attorney's Office declined comment Friday morning.

August's attorney, David A. Torres, said he believes the pending charges are connected to the same offenses the man faced at the federal level. 

He believes they're now being charged because local prosecutors were displeased the deputies received no time in custody at their August 2017 sentencing in Fresno. 

"This is a situation where anger and vindictiveness overcame civility," Torres said of the way the "secret" indictments and the arrests were handled. 

August and Penney were sentenced to probation for conspiring with another law enforcement officer to sell drugs they stole from evidence lockers "on or about Sept. 19, 2014," according to their plea agreements.

They pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana. They had faced a maximum of five years in prison.

The former deputies stole pot from the sheriff's storage unit that had been previously confiscated from illegal marijuana-growing operations, according to the plea agreements. They admitted to cutting the tops off pot plants and placing them in trash bags then storing the pot at Penney's home until another person retrieved it.

That person trimmed the plants into usable cannabis. 

The agreements state about 8 pounds of pot was returned on multiple occasions to Kenney, who then delivered the drug over a period of time to August.

In turn, August gave the marijuana to someone who previously worked for him as a confidential informant, and that person sold the weed and shared the profits. 

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vigilante-avenger style of policing by the leader, what do we expect of his disciples. "Youngblood was seeking the union's endorsement in 2006 when he posed the question: "When a deputy shoots somebody, which way is better financially? To cripple them or kill them, for the county?"
"Kill them?" can be heard out of view of the camera. "Absolutely," Youngblood responds, "because if you cripple them you have to take care of them for life and that cost goes way up."

Tip of the iceberg...most BPD officers are blatent liars, thugs and dirty cops...half the KCSO are too - the other half are too stupid to be anything but, well, wonder most people hate the police


seems so

amtfor attorneys

if they were not there all the thugs in Kern would be robbing u and everyone we still have that fine line it anti perfect but thank god its there when u need help dont call the police handle it yourself then.

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