The Devil Pups Youth Program For America is seeking Kern County candidates for its 2019 10-day program to be held July 25-August 3 at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

The program strives to develop participants in good citizenship, confidence, personal discipline, physical fitness, teamwork and respect for others, their family and their country. Applications are due May 11.

Candidates, both male and female, ages 14 to 17, must pass a physical fitness test and interview with the local Devil Pups liaison representative. The physical fitness test will be held in Bakersfield on May 18.

It is an opportunity for teens to experience the rigors of military life. Competition is fierce.

The Devil Pups' name is derived from Marine Corps history. U.S. Marines were given the name “Devil Dogs” in World War I by enemy troops they were fighting due to their accomplishments on the battlefield and “never give up” spirit.

Organizers say that about 23 percent of Devil Pups graduates enter the military, another 18 percent enter law enforcement or fire careers.

To apply, visit then follow the dropdown menu to “Becoming a Devil Pup” then “How to Apply.”

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Fillable/Printable Application.” Do not print or fill out pages L5 or R6. Those will be completed later if the student is selected.

Fill out the areas in black that are required by the Devil Pup, parent or guardian. Leave the red and blue boxes blank. Once the application is complete, print all the pages and add signatures as needed by the parent/guardian and Devil Pup candidate.

Mail entire nine-page packet to Devil Pups Kern County, PO Box 81422, Bakersfield, CA 93380-1422.

For more information, contact Dick Taylor at 332-8394 or

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