The Monterey-based developer whose student housing proposal sparked a neighborhood outcry around the proposed site at Coffee Road and Stockdale Highway has apparently abandoned the project.

A representative of Bakersfield's Planning Department said Tuesday Coleraine Capital Group Inc. did not file an appeal to the city Board of zoning Adjustment's unanimous vote April 9 against the dorm proposal. Friday was the last day to appeal the decision to the City Council.

Coleraine President David Moon could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday. He said at the BZA hearing he had not anticipated the high level of opposition to the project.

Neighbors had complained Coleraine's plan for twin, five-story dorm buildings would be too disruptive to the surrounding area. They said it would increase traffic through their residential streets, create new pedestrian safety risks at the city's busiest intersection and compromise their privacy.

Bakersfield Development Services Director Jacqui Kitchen said she has not heard from Moon since the BZA hearing but would like to speak with him about other ventures of possible benefit to the community.

"I hope to speak with him about other opportunities or other sites where this would work for him better,” she said Tuesday.

Kitchen added city officials stand ready to help Coleraine identify potential development sites, saying the city supports residential construction "in the right location."

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What does this mean for the existing structure? Will it be sold to another developer or will it be torn down? But really, what difference does it make now. That entire property has been ruined by that massive gas station and those ugly franchise "restaurants" that look like public restrooms. I wish that whole corner of buildings could be moved to way north of Bakersfield, just off the #99, like all those other quick and easy, ugly and sleazy pit-stops where drivers stop for gas and a Grape Slushy. Like I said, it's too late and the city officials who approved that ugly place and destroyed the location, across the street, of one of the few lovely little malls here, Town and Country, should be ashamed and forced to eat lunch at that unappetizing looking mausoleum every day.


Geez.....someone woke up on the wrong side of the rock.....


There is no existing structure to tear down. Just dirt.


Common sense . . . and community logic . . . prevails after all.

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