Democratic president hopeful Bernie Sanders' campaign is setting up shop in Bakersfield with an office opening this Saturday.

The office will be located at 1420 19th St. Suite B.

An official opening celebration will take place 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday filled with guest speakers, entertainment and snacks, according to a Facebook event from the official Sanders Facebook page. The event states those who attend will "meet our team and learn about all the opportunities we have for you to get involved."

The event is free and open to the public. Those interested in attending can RSVP at

Sanders was previously scheduled to hold a town hall in September 2019 at Cal State Bakersfield, but had to cancel due to health reasons.

A new CNN/SSRS poll released Wednesday shows Sanders is leading former Vice President Joe Biden nationwide, 27 percent to 24 percent.

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(19) comments

All Star

1420 19th St.? Whoever opens the office should expect a steaming pile of human feces on the doorstep each morning.


Bernie gets that where ever he goes.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

Then you would be a Trump supporter? Yay for you!!!!


What does Bernie hope to accomplish in Bakersfield? Does Bernie even know that he is opening an office here?


Bernie doesn't even know what day it is.


Just go back to the old folks home you old geezer.What are you trying to do give yourself another heart attack?? You almost checked out after the last one.

Donna Semar

1420 19th St = Organization for Legal Advancement of Raza Inc.


He still votes as Independent in the Senate and parades as a Democrat when it suits him, but hey, whatever floats your "I'll throw my arms around anything that's not truly regarded as Democrat" boat.

Comment deleted.

I agree!! All of my friends and acquaintances from China who had nothing good to say about communism. You’d think people would listen to the truth.

Masked 2020

I'll vote anyone Blue in November.....even Bernie if I have to...

Gene Pool Chlorinator

And that, in a nutshell, is the problem with the American political system today; Identity politics boys and girls...

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Comment deleted.
Gene Pool Chlorinator

And just what (exactly) has Bernie done for you, since you say he "really fights for the average American".

Has he authored and passed any meaningful legislation during his tenure in the Senate? Honest question...


Bernie got a lesson in how his Socialism works. They took the votes he earned and gave them to Hillary…


Hillary Hillary Hillary! Obama Obama Obama. Mommy!!!


Poor Moardweeb, your girl Hillary is till in the news making headlines to the tune of a $50 million lawsuit by a democrat running for president. Democrats=Dumpster Fire


The growing concentration of the world’s wealth has been highlighted by a report showing that the 26 richest billionaires own as many assets as the 3.8 billion people who make up the poorest half of the planet’s population.

How's Capitalism working for the world? Uh huh.


And what kind of Billionaires are in Russia? How do they get so rich over there?

Here, we have people like Bill Gates. He didn't invent anything? Is that what you are saying? If he hadn't, and if he hadn't invest any CAPITAL how many people would not have a job? It is people like you and Bernie who have no clue. Even he was kicked out of a Hippie Commune for being too lazy, for not carrying his own weight. So even in practice he is a bad Commie. If you want to redistribute all the Billionaires' wealth what is the incentive to invest Capital into a factory, into a product, in an inner city full of Hippies/homeless who live on the dole? Wake up.


You’re benefiting from capitalism pretty well it seems.


Feel the Bern! Blue wave 2020. Take the Senate!

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