Delivery of today's Bakersfield Californian print edition has been delayed due to closure of Highway 58.

The newspaper is printed in Palmdale and then delivered to Bakersfield. Because of heavy snow and rain in Tehachapi, the California Highway Patrol has closed Highway 58 which has delayed the newspaper's delivery. The print edition will be delivered to subscribers as soon as possible.

Today's news is available on and The Californian’s digital edition is available at

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Who cares ?? Newspapers have gone the way of pagers and home telephones anyways.

Gary Crabtree

I have a question. How many column inches of news and how many column inches of advertising do you print now versus when the Harrell family owned it? Double dare you print a reply.

Jerry Todd

Gee. Relieved for a few more hours without an anti-Trump diatribe. Bloom where you're planted.


The delivery of the paper is horrible. I call almost daily. I get the same canned speech about how the problem will be fixed.


I agree with grandma-di. The quality and service for our local newspaper has been going down since it was sold. When will I get the paper I pay for? Today? Tomorrow? Who knows?


If you can complain online, you can also access the paper online ...


Not everyone in a household is computer literate. While I have no trouble reading online my husband does not do electronic stuff. And yes I am complaining too. There last couple of weeks has been really horrible for delivery of the paper. My opinion is our regular delivery person has another job and when the papers get to BAKERSFIELD late they can’t deliver it. When I call the office we have a paper usually within 3 minutes. Bring back the printing in BAKERSFIELD.


This is why the printing should be brought back to Bakersfield. Very poor decision to move the printing to Palmdale.


I agree, we all know that pass closes due to weather but they still have it printed in Palmdale... Go figure.

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