delano city hall

Residents of Delano — and of nearby cities within Kern County — spoke at length Monday night on the issue of raising an LGBTQ pride flag during the month of June, for Pride Month. The Delano City Council eventually rescinded the 2021 resolution that allowed the flag to be raised, with the majority saying it had no business in a governmental space.

DELANO — Come the third week of May, a rainbow flag will not be flown before Delano’s City Hall anymore, per a 3-1 vote Monday night.

The Delano City Council rescinded the 2021 resolution to display the LGBTQ pride flag, which was raised the past few springs to promote a welcoming and safe space for LGBTQ Californians. This vote makes Delano the second California city to take down the flag, after Huntington Beach, which unanimously voted it down last month.