The Delano Police Department has requested criminal charges against football players from Delano and Mission Oak high schools following an investigation into a brawl that broke out at a game last week.

Delano Police announced on Facebook Friday morning it reached the decision after reviewing video of the altercation taken by coaches, parents, spectators and posted on social media.

The request comes after Delano High School officials announced Thursday the football program will be placed on probation for the 2020-21 football season and will receive a one-year playoff ban.

"We are taking decisive and appropriate action. State laws limit what can be said publicly regarding personnel issues and student discipline. Confidentiality, due process, and privacy rights must be preserved," said the statement from the high school.

Head coach JD Thompson confirmed to The Californian that he has resigned as Tigers head coach but will continue teaching at the school. Thompson was head coach at Delano for just one season after arriving from Yucca Valley high School.

During the alleged incident at last week's Friday night game, at least 16 uniformed Delano football players attacked a Mission Oak player.

A second Mission Oak player came to his teammate's aid and was also allegedly attacked by multiple players.

One player was sent to the hospital, but neither player was seriously injured.

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I appreciate emotion but folks, it's a game. If there's a problem, play under protest and follow proper channels. It's a game that will now not be played for a long time in Delano. Was it worth the consequences?


ban sports, this stuff is getting out of hand...

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