Sabrina Limon as seen Friday during her trial on murder and other charges in the death of her husband. 

The defense attorney for Sabrina Limon rested his case Monday following three days of testimony by his client in which she repeatedly denied conspiring with her lover in her husband's 2014 killing.

Judge John R. Brownlee told the jury it has heard all the evidence that will be presented. He released the jury at 3 p.m. so he and attorneys could go over final jury instructions.

Monday marked the 15th day of a trial featuring testimony regarding swingers, poisoned pudding and wiretapped phone calls as the case against Limon was laid out. 

Limon's former lover, onetime Redlands firefighter Jonathan Hearn, has testified he and Limon carried on a years-long affair and plotted her husband's death so they could be together. They at first attempted to kill him by poisoning banana pudding they sent with him to work, he said, but aborted that plan over fears of getting caught.

Months later, Hearn gunned down 38-year-old Robert Limon at a railway office in Tehachapi where Robert Limon was working. Hearn accepted a plea agreement stipulating a prison sentence of 25 years and four months in return for his testimony. 

Sabrina Limon, 37, has admitted to the affair, but said she knew nothing of Hearn's plans to kill her husband. She explained her failure to inform investigators of the affair as an effort to preserve her and her husband's reputations.

Also, she testified Hearn told her not to tell investigators about the affair because of how it would look. She said Hearn was controlling, and told her what to say to investigators. 

Her attorney, Richard Terry, has argued Hearn's testimony — which he said can't be trusted — is the only evidence against his client.

Last week, Terry showed the jury dozens of photos of Sabrina Limon vacationing with her family during the time period in which she was having the affair: 2012 to 2014. She testified she never stopped loving her husband even during the affair.

On Monday, prosecutor Eric Smith displayed two of those photos, the only ones posted on Facebook in 2014 that featured her husband, and noted the date: July 7.

Smith then handed Sabrina Limon pages of phone records showing the number of contacts she and Hearn had that day, the same day she was at Newport Beach with her husband and children.

According to the records, Hearn and Sabrina Limon exchanged 80 text messages that day and talked twice: one call lasted 166 minutes, the other 135 minutes.

Earlier Monday, Terry called a woman to the stand who exchanged numerous text messages with Hearn at the same time the affair with Sabrina Limon was occurring. 

Hearn, 27, has testified he had little experience in relationships and was in love with Sabrina Limon. But the witness, Jennifer Lentz, said Hearn asked her on a date in 2013. She said Hearn later canceled, but they continued to exchange text messages.

She described Hearn as "very well-spoken, smart," and said "he could be very charming."

Terry has said his client was manipulated by Hearn, and apparently called Lentz to show his charms worked on her, too. Lentz testified she was married when she and Hearn first had contact online. He complimented her on her looks and flattered her.

She was surprised when she learned his age.

"He carries himself a lot older than he looks," she said. 

They only met once in person, Lentz testified, and their relationship remained "innocent."

Sabrina Limon has testified she and her husband had an open marriage and had sex with other couples in the Helendale area at the time she met Hearn in 2012. She said Hearn made her feel special. She was drawn to his intelligence and charm. 

Terry has said his client was flattered by the attentions of a younger man who made her feel important, "not just some sex toy that her husband kind of passed around."

The attorneys will present closing arguments Tuesday morning, after which the case will be handed to the jury.

Jason Kotowski can be reached at 661-395-7491. Follow him on Twitter: @tbcbreakingnews.

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