From the look of things, change is afoot at local car wash chain Cruz Thru. But the reality is, most of that change has come and gone.

The company was acquired early last year by Arizona-based industry giant Mister Car Wash. Part of the reason this news is only now dawning on people is that Mister decided to leave up the Cruz Thru signage while it undertook local improvements it deemed more pressing.

"We've taken great care to transition the service and business that Cruz Thru has built in the Bakersfield community over the last 10 years," Mister's marketing and community relations specialist Ciera Lopez said in an email Thursday. "We've worked the last year to ensure that we continue to deliver what customers had come to expect."

During that time, the company has made updates to the Bakersfield locations' wash tunnels and equipment to improve vehicle flow and processing times, she said, adding that the final step is to change out Cruz Thru's signs. That part began only recently and is expected to be complete by mid-September.

Mister bought all 10 of Cruz Thru's locations, which are now part of the Tucson-based company's list of 257 locations in 21 states. It represented the Arizona chain's entry to the California market. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

In a little-noticed news release dated March 29, 2017, Cruz Thru's owners, Frank Hobin, Terry Houchin and Raymond Roselle expressed confidence the car washes would continue to serve their clientele well.

"We've been honored to serve the Bakersfield community for the last 15 years and it wasn't an easy decision to sell," Roselle stated in the release. "We wanted a company that matched the culture we've built."

Lopez said Mister is preparing for a "grand opening" event in early October, which might suggest this isn't old news after all.

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i think its notas good as cruz was . dont clen very well now

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