California Resources Corp. is based in Santa Clarita but has a sprawling office complex in southwest Bakersfield. The company said in May it had about 730 employees and 1,700 contractors in Kern County.

Local oil producer California Resources Corp. has indicated it plans to permanently lay off 55 people in Bakersfield, including in relatively high-pay job classifications such as engineers, because of lower demand for petroleum during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a notice sent to local authorities Friday, CRC said affected employees will get 60 days' worth of pay starting sometime before Oct. 1. It said those who have received layoff notices will not have to report for work but they will remain employees until their 60 days' notice period expires.

Oil prices plummeted during the first three months of 2020 before beginning a slow and modest recovery in early May.

In late March the company reduced working hours for local employees and shut in some of its wells.

Meanwhile, the company has struggled with some $5 billion in debt left over from its 2014 spinoff from Houston-based Occidental Petroleum Corp. Unable to strike a debt reorganization deal with its largest debtors, CRC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on July 16.

A CRC spokeswoman said in May the company had about 730 employees in Kern. On Monday she said it had more than 600.

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Trump and Kevin McClowns america...sad


But it's Gavin Newsom's California, isn't it.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

It's Gavin's state and his regulations, but nice try...


Bye-bye oil fields. Bye-bye tax revenue. Oh. But Trump is CREATING jobs. Lol. Depression number unemployment. 200,000 dead on HIS watch. No punish for China. NO wall. Lol. Eviction coming in 70 days. Bye-Bye Baldy

Gene Pool Chlorinator

You'd just love it if 30,000 were out of work in this county, wouldn't you?

Your boy Gav's war against fossil fuels has for more to do with California's oil situation than anything Trump could do.

MIT called- they still have room in a few PhD programs- shall I tell them you've changed your mind??? LOL

Welcome to the discussion.

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