Southbound lanes of Highway 99 near the exit to Rosedale Highway were shut down for hours on Friday due to a crash that left two dead, according to California Highway Patrol spokesman Roberto Rodriguez. 

The crash occurred at approximately 12:26 p.m., with lanes closed late into Friday evening.

About 200 gallons of diesel fuel spilled from one of the semi trucks involved in the accident and crews were called in to clean it up.

Rodriguez said the driver of a semi truck didn't see traffic had stopped and hit the back of a Dodge Ram pickup truck, sandwiching the pickup between two semi trucks. Two people in the pickup died.

The two fatalities were from Delano and Leemore, ages 62 and 75 respectively, according to a report released by CHP. Names of the victims were not released in the report pending notification.

The driver of the semi that hit the Dodge was identified as Ram Johnson, 65, of Queens Village, NY.

The other driver was identified as William Arrington, 49, of Las Vegas.

Neither semi truck driver were injured, the report said.

Southbound traffic on Highway 99 was being diverted at Golden State Avenue, Rodriguez said.

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Two innocent people lost their lives folks! Please save your petty bickering for another story!

amtfor attorneys

Im in the slow lane on Stockdale the lite is red bumper to bumper but I keep a distance in case a dumb redneck is speeding, here he comes speeding flashing his lites for me to move over ,where on the sidewalk , he is hauling a black shiny trailer like a horse trailer truck to match real black windows ,,the lite is still red and he speeds around me only to come to a dead stop, I looked at him and yelled where u going to the red lite jerk. Then I pulled over just to see all these people of Bakersfield speed by so so fast, will I feel sorry when they cash and kill themselves NOOOOOOOOO


No details missing. Sanwhiched the truck. Theres your details.


How is it that a truck driver, sitting up high enough to see over the top of all cars, cannot see that traffic ahead has stopped? Driving too fast? Following too close? Using phone or otherwise distracted? Wouldnt want to be him right now.


again lacking all details...why...TBC needs new reporters that tell the whole story!

All Star

What details are missing at this point?

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