Brandon Clark was in Superior Court for a competency hearing earlier this year. 

A man charged with 17 felonies in last year's shooting at Bakersfield Heart Hospital is due in court Wednesday for a competency hearing, and a convicted arsonist who set an apartment fire that injured several Bakersfield police officers is due to be sentenced Thursday.

Brandon Daniel Clark, 44, shot through a glass door at Bakersfield Heart Hospital then entered the building, prowled hallways and walked into the hospital's administration area before leaving through the same door where he barged in, according to court documents. 

Clark threatened multiple people with a rifle while inside the hospital, the documents said. He was wounded by police and taken into custody, and at his last court hearing in July a third psychiatrist was assigned to examine him. 

A discussion regarding the results of that examination should occur in court Wednesday. 

Police said methamphetamine was found in Clark's system, and his stepfather told investigators Clark has a history of drug use and believes he's infected by parasites.

Clark repeatedly told people at the hospital that he was looking for his mother, who is a nurse there, according to the documents. 

Last month, Brian Moore pleaded no contest to two arson-related charges in connection with igniting a blaze in April at an apartment in the 3500 block of South H Street. An attempted murder charge was dismissed. 

A total of eight police officers suffered smoke inhalation, police said. Six were treated at scene and returned to duty, and the other two received further medical treatment. 

When police arrived in response to a call of a suicidal person threatening to set himself on fire, firefighters were already on scene dealing with a vehicle fire in the parking lot. That fire was later determined to be related to the apartment fire, police said. 

As the apartment fire was being extinguished, sounds of movement came from a rear bedroom. Officers found the 29-year-old Moore there and took him into custody.

Eleven residents were forced to leave during the incident, but were allowed back inside after firefighters determined the building was safe.

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