The Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office held its annual Kern County History Day on March 9.

Dozens of students from schools across the county participated in the competition, held at the Larry E. Reider Educational Center. As part of the event, students contributed papers, exhibits, performances, posters and more.

Individuals or groups with the highest scores in each category are now eligible to participate in California History Day, May 10-12 in Rocklin, Calif.

State winners advance to National History Day in June.


Individual Performance: Madeline Abernathy / Bakersfield Christian High School

Group Exhibit:
 Alexander Fan and Victoria Wilson/Centennial High School

Group Documentary: Jessica Jensen and Kimberly Jensen/Centennial High School

Group Website: Harshini Ravi and Harshita Ravi/Stockdale High School

Individual Website: Dalton Stine/Centennial High School


Historical Paper: Ajooni Behl/Earl Warren Junior High; Charlie Stump/St. John's Lutheran School

Group Performance: Noah Quiroz, Brooklyn Cannon, Rylee Perez, Izzie Brandon and Caleb Flores/Dr. Juliet Thorner Elementary

Group Documentary:
 Dane Kassube and Thomas Gnacke/Discovery Elementary; Ashley Park and Sanjna Mizar/Earl Warren Junior High

Individual Documentary: 
Anwita Chandrasekhar/Earl Warren Junior High; Matthew Fan/Discovery Elementary

Group Exhibit: 
Monique Hernandez, Yvette Pantoja, Diana Parra, Tais Ortiz, and Griselle Ozorio/DiGiorgio Elementary; Alexander Zhang, An Truong, and Tu Truong/Earl Warren Junior High; Blanca Aguilar, Camila Botello, Karina Marquez, Sofia Ortiz, and Daniela Uribe/Alicante Avenue Elementary School

Individual Exhibit: 
Angelica Rasmussen/Mountain View Middle School; Madison Martinez/Thomas Jefferson; Gianna Nicomedes/Earl Warren Junior High

Group Website: 
Hannah Ratliff, Blakeley Ross, and Brenneka Edelen/Standard Middle School; Claire Vega and Sanskriti Singh/Earl Warren Junior High; Nathan Chen and Francis Daigan/Earl Warren Junior High

Individual Website: Ananya Jain/Earl Warren Junior High; Evan Taw/Fruitvale Junior High School; Saffa Khan/Endeavour


Group Poster: J.R. Olson and Mikayla Wagoner/Highland Elementary School; Ethan Means and Peyton Rivera/Discovery Elementary; Jacob Nieto and Johnathan Lopez/Donald E. Suburu; Peyton Bowlin, Haley Reed, Brady Ross, and Charlie Tabar/Highland Elementary School

Individual Poster: Mohamed Abdulla/Shirley Lane Elementary; Stefan McDonald/Peak to Peak Mountain Charter; Thomas Wilson/Discovery Elementary; Anthony Beckman/Shirley Lane Elementary

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