The Kern County Public Health Services Department reported 1,135 new COVID-19 cases Thursday morning.

There have been 12,333 total cases locally since the first was reported March 13. Of those, 5,084 individuals have recovered from coronavirus. County data shows 6,966 are currently recuperating at home. According to the state health department, there are 257 COVID-19 patients being treated in Kern County hospitals, 57 of which are in ICU.

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Unruly Panda

Hey Vico17, calling someone a pedophile is libel per se and is legally actionable.


What if I can prove Pedo is Bill Clinton? Can I call him pedophile then?


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Minority and poor communities are having the most infections....and DO YOU know why?

Masked 2020

Vico17...that's a little extreme.........just how old are you?


Trumps America is this county....people with sub 80 IQ's refusing to wear masks....karma


Which communities have the highest infection rates, pedophile? Are you saying people in East Bakersfield, Arvin, Lamont have a sub 80 IQ? Explain. I'll wait.


Which communities have the highest infection rates, Pedophile? Are you saying people in East Bakersfied, Arvin, Lamont have a sub 80 IQ? Explain. I'll wait.


I'm glad you moved to a place which accepts a lower IQ of 80.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

You know your name literally means Child Hater, right?

Don't you think it's time for a change? Actually, you (among others here) are obviously posting under multiple identities...


First and foremost is the health externality when people choose not to wear masks. Masks don’t just offer protection to the wearers. They protect everyone else around them by controlling the source of the virus which travel as far as 6-10 feet when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Even a basic face-covering like a scarf provides some protection for everyone else in the vicinity. Wouldn’t such a requirement infringe on basic liberties? There’s an old saying about the reasonable boundaries of liberty: “Your freedom to wave your arms ends when your fist hits my nose.” Something similar is true when your infected droplets hit my nose.


And the Kern County death rate from COVID 19 drops to .9%

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