The Kern County Public Health Services Department announced 834 new positive COVID-19 cases Tuesday morning.

That puts the local case count at 10,078 since the first was announced March 13. There have been 105 coronavirus-related deaths in Kern during that time.

County data shows 4,879 individuals have recovered from the virus while 4,920 are recuperating at home.

According to state data, there are 248 COVID-19 patients being treated at Kern County hospitals, 64 of those in the ICU.

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Masked 2020 nice were all have to take the MOCA before the let us into the RabbitHole

Comment deleted.

Let me guess, you are white and rotund, but otherwise healthy. You love America but went out and protested. Wore a mask but got sick. Vote Democrat but love the ideals of Marxism and the actual dictatorial Chinese Communist Party. ...Welcome to America, where we let everyone speak their mind. Thank you for your opinion.

Masked 2020

Trump says he wishes accused sextrafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well and has 'met her numerous times' President is 'not aware' of federal prosecutors' attempts to extract statement from Prince Andrew Alex Woodward New York 13 minutes ago ...this Afternoon Covid briefing.....we are all going to die...stay focused Don


Is he intentionally trying to lose? I mean what in the world does he have to gain by wishing her well? Uh oh. She KNOWS something. Eeeewwwwww!


He wishes her well and to stay alive. He wishes she makes it to the witness stand. All sick perverts in Hollyweird and the Clintons are shaking in their boots. He wishes she is not suicided.

Masked 2020

Trump says he wishes accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well and has 'met her numerous times' President is 'not aware' of federal prosecutors' attempts to extract statement from Prince Andrew Alex Woodward New York

13 minutes ago ...this Afternoon Covid briefing.....we are all going to die...stay focused Don


1% is only 8 deaths a day. That's less than 300 deaths next month. Don't let the fake news scare you. It's basically the flu. Independent VD can explain.


That's a pretty callous disregard for enough lives to fill a 747. You must support the heartless President.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Great talking point showing your age, Dweeb- if only you picked an aircraft that hasn't been retired for passenger service in the US; the 18-30 group will have little, if no frame of reference on that one.

Try 777 next time, but you'll be quite a few passengers short of filling that one... fortunately...

Also, I think the OP was being facetious, but looks like you missed it...

Tam Daras

Independent Voter

Wow, Mrs. Guy, you must be infatuated with me - clearly fixated. I can't blame you. You clearly need someone to explain things to you - help you cope with the knowledge of placing your trust in a Democratic Party who places felons, illegals, power and China over you. Oh, and yes, COVID is a glorified flu bug, the nastiest we've seen. We've artificially extended the life of it with asinine lockdowns and BS measures better-suited to killing small business and damaging the economy than crushing a bug. Masks help very little if they help at all. And the Democrats are ignoring the science with regard to the mental health of children by locking them out of school and away from their friends. Any more questions? Still confused? Are you and Dweeb ready to come out from under your rock or do you wish to continue cowering in fear in your parent's basement playing Minecraft or whatever? Go out and get a job, pay some taxes and make yourself useful and relevant if that is at all possible. And if you truly can't satisfy your apparent fixation with me, I'll consider sending you an autographed photo. Tack it to your mirror or on your bedroom ceiling or whatever.


I don't think you're brave enough to post your picture online

Unruly Panda

"Masks help very little if they help at all." That is a great quote...I will definitely use if when I want to appear totally clueless. I have one that you should keep in mind: "It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it." Unfortunately, you have already removed all doubt.


Trumps America

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Oh boy, look who crawled out of their cave??

Don't you think it's time for a name change?

Only a mind-numbed moron would call themselves a child hater, but if the shoe fits...


Biden is not even sure where America is....


That ploy is not working against Biden. Look at the polls. I mean if you're going to put Biden's intllegence up against Trump? Hahahaha.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@Dweeb, put down the Kool Aid,

The only reason Biden is anywhere near is because he's been locked in his basement and didn't even have a news conference for over 80 days. That means no gaffes attributed to him, but that's all going to change with the debates- he'll have nowhere to hide and if you think he's all there, you are more delusional than I thought...

P.S. As far as polls- look at 2016, then get back to me...

My thoughts

Unless you are an essential workers please stay home. There is no reason to be out running around like nothing is going to happen to you. You can buy groceries and everything else imaginable online and have to delivered to your doorstep. If you do need to go out wear a mask!!!


Just remember that the deaths come later. Some of these people in the hospital are fighting for their lives.

Scientists and doctors are seeing long term recovery problems with some people. You may not die, your children may not seenm terribly sick but they end up with damaged lungs, kidneys, hearts and brains.


True but many more will fully recover, to day's death rate stands at 1.04 %

My thoughts

I wouldn't take a chance with my kid[unsure]


Kids are showing long term lung damage, pulmonary damage, brain damage, even when they don't appear that sick. You think you have all the data when the doctor's don't even have it? Wait fir the vaccine.

My thoughts

I agree with you 100% Our current number for children is at 1108 and who knows what kind of damage this is doing to them. I still see children out running the streets, have you seen the skate park? I wish to God parents would open their eyes and keep their families safe.


The long term damage to internal organs as a result of becoming sick with COVID-19 has been proven to be untrue so far. All of the people with damaged organs had them before they got sick. You need to stop spreading these kinds of untruths, it serves no purpose other than to make gullible people unnecessarily fearful.


A warning from Doctor Alina Alonso, the director of the Department of Health Palm Beach County: Just because you don’t see any COVID-19 symptoms in a child doesn’t mean damage hasn’t been done.

“And while many of these especially younger children are asymptomatic when you take x-rays of their lungs, down in Miami and other places across the country, they’re seeing that there is damage to the lungs in these asymptomatic children.”

While Alonso says there’s proof asymptomatic children are suffering lung damage now, she and other warn we also need to start thinking about the lasting consequences these kids may have to live with.

“We may have to deal with this virus for decades because of not just the survivors coming back with consequences, but also those who were the silent, infected individuals,” said Dr. Bindu Mayi, professor of microbiology at NSU’s College of Medical Sciences.

On Thursday, when asked about the issue, Governor Ron DeSantis cited a lack of studies and evidence as a reason we shouldn’t be too concerned yet.


When you talk about "long term damage" that implies that you have to wait for some time to pass to know what will happen. And that, in fact, is what Dr. Alonso is saying, not that we already have the evidence. Here is a quote from the good doctor, “In the five to 14-year-olds, when those children are examined, there are changes in the lungs that have occurred.

"We have no idea what the long-term effect of this will be." Yeah I know. More pesky facts.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Genius, guess what?

If you grew up in this dustbowl, your lungs are far from pristine- I can promise you that.

"Damage" in not defined in any way shape or form, so it's an easy term to use in an effort to scare the h3ll out of parents.

Fortunately, as of today, there have been no COVID-19 deaths in the 0-17 age group in California.

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