Bakersfield is expected to receive a $25 million grant from the California Transportation Commission for the Centennial Corridor project, according an email sent out to City Council members from City Manager Alan Tandy on Thursday.

Tandy said in the email obtained by The Californian that staff from the CTC have recommended the city receive the grant and that it will be voted on next month. The grant comes after the city was previously awarded $94 million in grants last month for Centennial Corridor-related projects.

Tandy said the city was also in the running for another $17 million grant but won’t be receiving it. The city is also seeking a $60 million federal grant and are hoping to hear in June whether Bakersfield will receive it, Tandy said.

If the state grant is approved, the city will have obtained $119 million for projects relating to the Centennial Corridor, which will connect Highway 58 to the Westside Parkway to create a seamless flow through Bakersfield for those heading east and west.

Tandy previously said in an interview with The Californian that with the $94 million in grants the city got, the city only needs an additional $62 million to fully fund the Centennial Corridor project. If this new grant is approved, the city would only need around $37 million to complete funding.

The grants will be used to fund the corridor itself as well as a few of some of the preparatory projects already in place, such as the Belle Terrace project and the Beltway Operational Improvements project, which is upgrading the Highway 99/58 interchange.

The Kern Council of Government, California Department of Transportation, city Public Works staff and others have assisted the city in obtaining the grants.


The Bakersfield City School District is holding its first student Mariachi Festival in recognition of Cinco de Mayo on May 5.

Music students from schools across the district will have training from 8-11:45 a.m. followed by performances by the students at Cato Middle School, 4115 Vineland Road. The adult mariachi group Mariachi San Marcos will perform at 1:35 p.m. in conjunction with the Jefferson After School folklorico dancers.

Following that, there will be a combined student mariachi performance including folklorico dancers from Mt. Vernon Elementary School.

The festival is free to attend. For more information, call the district at 631-4600.


The Walmart Supercenter on Rosedale Highway is celebrating the new “Avengers: Infinity War” film coming out this week by bringing one of the Marvel superheroes to the store on Sunday.

Walmart said Captain America will be making an appearance at the store, located in the Northwest Promenade, on Sunday from 12:30-6:30 p.m. to meet with fans and take photos. Call the store at 588-2097 for more information.

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